A busy week

The last week has been a busy one.  On Wednesday morning LP and I headed over to GSK to be a part of their first monthly podcast.  We got to talk about the testing we have done with the team at the Human Performance Lab before, during and after the row.  We are really excited to see the full results once all the analysis of our body composition and saliva testing has been completed.

gsk podcast

After enjoying a lovely lunch with the HPL team I headed down the M4 to Bath to catch up with Keith for a full psych debrief.  It was great to see him and to talk about the row with someone who has been there supporting us since the start and who we owe a lot of our success to.  Before we left the UK I said that the row would only be a success for me if we got off the boat still friends and the fact that we have is definitely down to all the mental preparation and psych input that we had before we left.

I also got to spend time catching up with some good friends and spend some time walking in the beautiful countryside around my house.  My legs are finally feeling stronger and I managed a couple of longer walks and to hike up some hills.

Finally at the weekend I found myself back in a boat for the first time since getting off Doris.  I had planned to meet the Marlow womens squad for breakfast but as always seems to happen when I visit Marlow Rowing Club I ended up on the water.  My lovely friend Tamsin took me for a paddle in a double and put up with my slightly wobbly rowing after so long in the stable Doris.  It was lovely to be back on the river and even lovelier to see everyone at the club who are all so supportive.

The week was finished up yesterday with our first team Skype since arriving home and plans are afoot for reaching our fundraising target so stay posted for more news.



  1. JG says:

    Must seem strange and a bit lonely sometimes. For example: driving down the M4 to Bath when you have been in such intensive company for so long.

    Glad the legs are recovering and pleased to hear that you have been back on the water. Rowing mojo back soon?

  2. Barney says:

    To the layperson it seems incredible that saliva testing can generate scientific information of any value for research into physical exertion. Luckily this layman can take a quick trip to Mr Google to see that there are other studies into saliva changes caused by intense exercise. So maybe there is a genuine reason why footballers and baseball players seem to need to discharge excess saliva so often during the game!

    Still enjoying the daily blog posts, thanks to all bloggers for your inputs.

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