A farewell and a new era…


Today was another productive day ticking things off the list of things to do.

Shopping, photo downloading, oar trimming, fan installing (!!!), snack pack prepping amongst other things and most of the day spent down at the Hawaii Yacht Club again.

We all went for a wonderful dinner with our utterly fabulous host families (Donna and John and Loretta) and ate until we couldn’t eat no more…

The meal was in fact a last supper, as today was the day we had to say a sad farewell to Izz. It was very bizarre seeing her off at the airport and knowing that she would be flying home and not getting back on the boat. This will be the first time in 3 months that we have not spent 24 hours together and to be honest the enormity of that fact will probably not sink in until we get back on the boat and she is not physically there. Without a doubt, however, Izz will be everywhere in spirit. She’ll pop up in the wet weather hatch (her favourite) or on a dark, slow moving night shift when one of her stories comes into our mind. She’ll be there whenever we eat her favourite foods or when one of ‘her’ songs gets played.

There was no need for this to be a sad farewell really….as Izz is still travelling with us.

The end of one era…only means the beginning of a new one. Although it will be strange to see Izz leave, we are so excited to have Lizanne continue the adventure. The transition has been a quick and wonderful one as it feels as if she has already been hanging out with us for months.

The change in team dynamic will be interesting and ‘a change is as good as a rest’…as they say…so bring on Leg 2, with another great combination of varied personalities and character strengths x



  1. Andy says:

    After reading your blog for so long, it feels I too am saying goodbye Izz. Looking forward to the future contributions from Lizanne though.
    All the best for the next leg ladies.
    Andy x

  2. Jim Andrews says:

    Once again your attitude is amazing, Well done Izzy you have done your bit and I am sure you will be missed. Welcome Lizanne I am sure you will fit right in. Hope you all enjoy the next couple of days and get psyched for the leaving of luxury and let the adventure continue. Stay safe. XX

  3. Babs and Ray says:

    so sad to say farewell to you Izzy who has been totally amazing and focused right up to the minute she flew home. I am sure the girls will keep your spirit on the boat all the way to Cairns, but in their hearts for life. These girls bonds are so strong, they meet every challenge head on. Having met Lizanne, she has just slotted into the team seamlessly, and brings a new dimension to the boat, and have no doubt will be a great team member.
    Izzy, enjoy your reunion with your family and friends, and now have a well earned rest. On a personal note, thank you for looking after Laura and the other girls as you promised, and bringing them in safely, your parting words as you left San Francisco.xx

  4. JG says:

    Very much looking forward to reading Lizannes blogs and seeing how she integrates with the Crew and wishing her every good fortune and a safe and successful leg.

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