A little thank you to Hawaii Yacht Club



For those of you that may recall, we had an awesome moment when out at sea, when we got contacted on VHF by a nearby container ship the Mokihana. Finally today, we got to meet them in person. Katie (2nd Mate), Tom (Captain) & Ethan came to meet us, to see Doris up close and to kindly give to us a gift from the Mokihana. Captain Tom was also shown the Echomax that Tony had fitted, so he can sleep soundly that his advice was heeded and we now have a Radar transmitter aboard.



This evening we had the pleasure of being invited to the Hawaii Yacht Club’s notorius Friday night dinner, live music and dance. image2It was an opportunity for us to present to the room a message of huge thank you to the Hawaii Yacht Club, along with a special thanks to our wonderful host families, Donna and John (seen here having a wonderful dance together) and Loretta who got accosted by my dad!



….. I think it was my dad that got whisked off his feet and in the process got out danced by an 85 year old who’s still got it!

Steve (Vice Commodore) and Steve (General Manager) seen here with the signed shirt we gave them as a thank you.

However, slight hiccup as the evening drew to a close and I handed over the keys of the hire car to Tony as we left. 5 mins later he was back and couldn’t find the car. My initial thoughts were that he’d left his glasses at home and then I realised the car was definitely not where I’d parked it. Of course it was then that I noticed I’d parked in the only 2 ‘permit holder only’ spaces – doh! The car had been towed! So after tony had thought he’d get an early night, I put a stop to that and we were off to the pound to pick up the car. Ooopsie daisy! x




  1. It was wonderful to see you all enjoying yourselves. Certainly a great advertisement for the yacht club. But, I must add, everyone can out-dance Ray Penhaul!! Enjoy the rest of your stay. xx

  2. Jim Andrews says:

    Every day is an adventure for you girls. I believe you are living the dream but it is being earned with lots of dedication, courage and commitment. Enjoy your last couple of days in Hawaii. Stay Safe. XX

  3. It was so nice having all of you here at the club, I really hope that we see you again one day! I’ll be following your voyage everyday online, Have a great trip and a safe journey to Samoa!

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