Sir Ranulph Fiennes

‘Always during a journey into the unknown there are moments when we want to turn back, when we lose sight of our direction and even our purpose. These four young women are themselves heading off on a great adventure but their purpose is clear. They are preparing themselves for 6 months of being outside their comfort zone facing a huge mental and physical undertaking. The forces driving this courageous endeavor is their collaborative spirit and hope to inspire change. The Coxless Crew have my full support and I wish them strength and success for their admirable challenge.’

Sir Steve Redgrave CBE

Won 5 Gold medals at consecutive Olympics and an early 6th Bronze. Advocate and keen spokesman of ensuring there is a lasting legacy of sport in this country.

‘Dear The Coxless Crew,

Wishing you all the best for this incredible, unique, world first challenge which you are about to embark in. I know that what you are doing will inspire many to support the charities close to your hearts.

Good luck to all of you.
Sir Steve Redgrave’

Chrissie Wellington

4 Times World Ironman Champion. Leading spokeswoman for promotion of female representation in the media and Government led initiatives.

‘The Coxless Crew are a shining light for us all to follow. They show all of us the importance of stepping out of our comfort zones, living life to the full, exploring, adventuring and never ever looking back to think “what if”. They also demonstrate the ability that we all have to use our own personal platforms, no matter how big or small, to support causes close to our heart. I’m truly inspired (and astounded!) by the sheer scale of their challenge and want to wish them all the best in their long journey to Australia. Good luck girls! May the wind always be at your back!’

Naomi Riches

British adaptive rower who won a bronze medal at the 2008 Summer Paralympics and a gold medal at the 2012 Summer Paralympics

‘When I found out about these ladies from Emma’s mum I was really keen to support
them. They have a mind blowing challenge ahead for 2 very worthy charities and I have every faith that they will achieve their goal. The charities, Breast Cancer Care and Walking With The Wounded are charities that many people can relate to in some way; I have friends and relatives that could do with the support of both charities and this makes the girls Pacific Ocean challenge even more special for me.
Good luck Coxless Crew, go make us proud!!’

Dee Caffari MBE

A British Sailor who became the first woman to sail around the world solo, in both directions.

‘The coxless crew are a reminder to all of us what is achievable with some
tenacity, determination and a little creative thinking. To put yourself far outside
your comfort zone all for the good of supporting others is truly inspirational. I
shall be following this team closely and wishing them the very best on this huge
and incredible challenge.’
Dee Caffari MBE

Emma Sanderson

Youngest female to ever sail solo around the world.

‘I believe that these four ladies have the determination and skill to
realise their goals and dreams in their pacific row, where they will undoubtably
experience challenges and obstacles not even yet thought of!! In doing so they
are boosting charities of such great importance and by supporting this challenge
and buying a mile, we get to be a part of their dream and live it with them! Thank
you girls!’

Debra Searle

Rowed Solo across the Atlantic in 2002 after her husband had to leave the boat.

‘This journey will change your lives forever. You will witness scenes and emotions that others will struggle to fathom. It will be worth every bit of financial burden, hard work, stress and tears that will inevitably take place on your way to the start line. I wish you a following wind for every step and stroke of the way.’

Sir Chay Blythe

Rowed the Atlantic in 1966, First person to sail westwards around the world non-stop, 1997 knighted for his extensive services to sailing.

Anna Hemmings

Most successful female canoeist, 2 times Olympian, 6 times World Champion.

Sarah Outen MBE

First woman & youngest person to row solo across the Indian and North Pacific Solo.

Simon Shaw,
Double Sailing World Champion

What an incredible Project and amazing team. You girls totally rock….! 2014 the Pacific will not know what has hit it.
This is one of the most ambitious adventures I have worked with and I will be with you in spirit every mile of the way!

Mickey Bushell M.B.E
London 2012 T53 100m Champion

Words really can’t describe the magnitude of what these ladies are going to undertake, 8,446 miles of the most unforgiving ocean on the planet, 6 months at sea in a cramped ocean rowing boat, just thinking about undertaking a voyage like that you would have to be pretty special, but these ladies are not just thinking about it they are doing it! I wish the team every success and look forward to hearing about the adventure of a lifetime.

Ben Hunt-Davis MBE,
Olympic Gold Medallist and Director of Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? Ltd

What a fantastic adventure to be a part of. To commit to taking on such a challenge with the risks, highs and lows that will undoubtedly be experienced is amazing. The crew have my full admiration and support.

Alex Corbisiero,
Northampton Saints & England RFU

Pretty impressive, rowing the Pacific Ocean! Worth supporting, please check them out. #brave