An epic afternoon…


Today began with Emma and Nats being kindly taken out on the Gaualofa, a traditional twin hulled sailing canoe, the one that escorted us in on our arrival. Ems got to get her hands on the biggest oar she’s ever handled, so she technically steered the boat which is over 3 times the size of Doris.

image1 (1)

Meanwhile LP made the most of a quiet house, so she got to catch up with a few of her close friends that she constantly talks about on the boat and who have been an amazing support to her throughout (Heather & Ads, Michelle & Paul, Sarah & Tim, Mary & Darren, Kirsten & Steve- on their honeymoon!).

Meg then went out for a paddle in Doris with Ems, to get familiar with the oars before she sits in the driving seat on Tuesday morning (Monday evening in the UK) for launch of the final leg! Thankfully she quotes ‘I quite enjoyed rowing’ Wonder if that will be the same thought by Cairns?!

We then had an epic afternoon! Sarah Moshman and crew had found this beautiful waterfall spot; Sopoaga Falls, so we went there for some filming and a photoshoot with Alana Fickes.


We then went on to one of the world’s most beautiful water spots; To Sua Ocean Trench. It was unbelievable. The water so clear, turquoise blue and bath temperature and what made it even more special, was that there was no one else there! If this was in Europe, it would be heaving with tourists and locals everyday, so to have it to ourselves was very special. It certainly has made rowing to Samoa worth it along with everyone and everything else on this Island.


It was topped off with a fresh coconut and bananas bought as a car snack on the drive home, wish we could get these on our commutes to work back home!


So with only one full day left, tomorrow is full of last on the boat and personal preparations for launch on Tuesday morning (Monday evening UK time). We hope to set off about 10am local time, but first things first, we will only leave once we have polished off a significantly huge breakfast!




  1. Jim Andrews says:

    That has got to have been the quickest week of your lives? I hope your batteries are all fully recharged? I look forward to continuing my obsessive following of your epic journey and hope that the final leg is a lot easier on you than the previous. Enjoy and treasure the next 24 hours and good luck. Stay safe. XX

  2. barry says:

    Go girls, stay safe, give it all you got, my prayers are with you.

  3. JG says:

    Hard to believe that a whole week has passed. Hope you all feel rested and fingers crossed for Meg.Good luck TheCrew

  4. Simon TY says:

    I hope you feel a bit rested. I assume by now nerves are kicking in…not long to go before pushing out again into the unknown. Few butterflies in the stomach….what else have you not done ? Can you sneak in a few more hours of sleep ( and four steaks).

    The organisation in Samoa seems to have been amazing. A hundred things to take your minds off the row, to do completely different things, relax, be indulged. Someone has done an amazing amount of work to get that all set up, combined with what seems to have been extraordinary spontaneous hospitality.

    I hope everything feels in working order, bodies, Doris, ( no, no longer angry bums).

    I will look out for the “push off” tomorrow evening. There will be lots of messages of good luck,so I will sneak mine in 24 hours early. Good luck, God speed, and be safe

    Simon TY xxx

  5. pete mewton says:

    Really nice to read of you all having a well deserved good time. Samoa does sound a “must visit” place. Am amazed youre getting back into Doris already, seems like yesterday etc.Can actually pucture Cairns as was there few years ago. Good luck getting there. I hope you have a beautiful, exciting, enjoyable, NOT painful time getting there. My very best wishes to you all.

  6. I’m glad that Samoa lived up to its reputation and really made you welcome during your short stay. Good luck on the final stage of your Pacific journey. We are looking forward to following “Where’s Doris Today” and seeing the little pink boat eating away those miles. Stay safe. xx

  7. Jan R says:

    What a fantastic time you seem to have had, and it feels like you have planned in some “free” time as well, which you all deserve 120%! It was sad to see Lizanne leaving and I hope both she and Izzy will continue to contribute to this blog, which is the best adventure book I have ever read! 😉 All the best to Meg for her maiden trip and to LP, Ems and Nats of course as well! Our prayers and well wishes continue to be with you for a safe journey on the final leg! Xxxxxx

  8. Babs and Ray says:

    Well last leg here you come, so glad this time you are setting off feeling more rested than you did when you left Hawaii. Hopefully you will have more favourable waters, and wishing you all an amazing final trip to Cairns. Hoping Meg will enjoy the adventure and can’t wait to welcome you girls into Cairns. We cannot be more proud as parents, stay safe and our love goes with you. Xxx

  9. Glad you have had rest and recreation in Samoa. It looks a beautiful place. Best wishes for the last leg of your great adventure. Hope you are rested, well fed and all sores healed. We wish you favourable winds and currents to speed you on your way to Cairns. We will be following you all the way. Stay safe.xx

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