Coxless Crew meets Kylie!!


We were very fortunate last month to have the opportunity and the pleasure to meet Kylie Minogue. “How did you get Kylie?” is the question we often get asked, so here is the simple answer.

Belief and perseverance!

We had approached the pop icon to be part of our epic journey a few months ago as we truly believed that she aligns perfectly with our ethos and values. This is what we told her:

Why Kylie?

We are looking to align ourselves with an amazing patron who we feel fits in with our ethos and reason for doing this incredible challenge.

We have all grown up with you in our lives. From our daily Neighbours after school watching days, to your fabulous music, ability to entertain and then the inspirational role model that you have become from your own personal experience and self-development of fighting and overcoming breast cancer. You continually empower women, which is what our expedition is all about. We also love that fact that you have a presence in the UK, Australia and also the US, meaning that you have a connection with every step of our journey.

We are implementing a schools project and allowing children (girls and boys) to reach for their dreams and allow themselves to be inspired to do anything they want to do.

We were simply overjoyed (I’m not going to lie!) when she made contact to say that she was happy to support such a worthwhile cause. We managed to coordinate an opportunity for us to meet her and get a group photo and have a little chat.

(Short video edit is by Dean Alexander and his colleagues at TimecodePro)


Kylie and Coxless Crew

All photos are copyright Dean Alexander

In the private meeting between Kylie and us we discussed the practicalities of such a huge undertaking as well as the reason why we are so thrilled to have her support in creating awareness of women that have had to fight and overcome adversity. She expressed her genuine interest in following the journey and the total wonder in how the 4 of us will remain sane and connected during such a long time separated from the usual home comforts and loved ones.

She is so genuine, down to earth and truly humble. It was a wonderful experience in itself to meet her, let alone the fact that she is now supporting our expedition.

The Australian born singer-songwriter recently named Australian of the year in the UK, also has had a strong presence in both the starting and ending points of our journey, as we’ve mentioned before, so let’s see if we will not only have relief and elation when we hit Cairns around October time, but also Kylie welcoming us back onto dry land!

Unfortunately Izzy was not available on the day that Kylie could meet us and so we had Ella (one of our support team) step in to be in her place for the informal chat and photo opportunity.
The photos were taken by the amazing Dean Alexander and the short video edit is by Dean and his colleagues at TimecodePro
A HUGE thanks to them for coming and capturing the day for us.

We also love our Adidas hoodie’s and even Kylie wished she was in her tracksuit!!

It is one of those surreal moments that is such a perfect example of how incredible our journey has been so far… x




  1. Hi Nat and crew, you are so daring! What a brilliant idea, and how lucky are you? So Lucky, lucky Lucky . . . . .
    What an excellent way to bring more support and publicity. I do hope you sponsorship rate per day has gone up.
    What a wonderful lifetime memory for all of you too.
    I’ll put My Hand on my Heart and say I truly respect you for what you are doing, and It’s No Secret that I kind of grew up with Kylie too, through my daughter’s growing up years!
    Well, as you start your journey, I Can’t get you Out of my Head, and will continue to make my own wishes for your safety and success, and remember, I Believe in You!
    My little 4 year old grand daughter loves Kylie’s early and middle (so far) music, so I have song titles Spinning Around in my head for this post!
    All the very best, Well Done You Guys, from David Stoneman

    • Natalia Cohen Natalia Cohen says:

      Hahahaha….wonderfully written David!!
      You’re a real fan, we’re impressed.
      Thanks so much for your support and it’s really us ladies that are so lucky, lucky, lucky that you will be following our journey.

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