Day 10 at sea

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Day 10 at sea

The sun set on another day where we had been rowing in huge swell with the wind and frequent soakings chilling our bones!

I called a group social as we have been out in the ocean for over a week and it was a good opportunity to have a check in with everyone and get cosy in the aft cabin! We all looked like ninjas in our all black thermals and manoeuvring around the tiny space was interesting. The unfortunate news is that we need to spend the next 48 hours holed up in cabins as the wind is about to increase and the waves will be pushing our little Doris around like a pink cork bobbing up and down. The swell has been HUGE since we awoke today, the waves smacking Doris from side to side and the cabins hot and sweaty. This is just a taste of things to come! Watching Ems and LP heading out of the fore cabin to attempt a wee over the side was great source of entertainment and both did extremely well narrowly missing a soaking. I don’t think they’ve ever moved so fast in their lives. Ninjas they are indeed!

I feel the need to inform you all about our footwell. It is truly special to see what happens in the small 60cm by 80cm space of the aft cabin (where we come in and out of the cabin).

This is the favourite spot for almost all proceedings. It’s where the bucket lives if weather conditions are too rough to go outside, where the getting in and out of wet weather gear happens, where you sit to monitor the jet boil and to fill the flask of hot water for the expedition foods, and where you can see out of the cabin or fleetingly open the hatch for a breath of fresh air. It’s where our switch overs happen after each 2 hour shift, where 4 of our water canisters live for when we use our water desalinator and where we sit to monitor our batteries, chart plotter and course. I’m not too sure what we would do without our footwell!!!


Alas Albert is no longer with us. However we now have Ernie and Bernie keeping us company x



  1. Chloe says:

    I’m a student following your blog every day, you guys are truly inspirational, keep on going! X

  2. Lynda says:

    Day 10! Great job, ladies, keep up the good work. In spite of all the swells and bobbing around, you have accomplished a lot. Thanks for keeping up the daily blog – enjoy following your escapade.

  3. Ian says:

    Keep going girls. So brave, so inspirational

  4. sara says:

    Hello my intrepid rowers,
    We will all be thinking about you over the next 48 hours and the vision of you running out to take a pee will bring a smile to us. Ems has lots of games and songs that she was able to play for hours despite the dark and repetitive landscape so I hope she shares these with you.
    My love and total admiration to you all my inspirational team x

  5. pat mitchell says:

    I just can’t imagine what it would be like. Be brave i would be scared to death.

  6. Ali Rainer says:

    Hi ladies .
    Love reading your blog . You have dealt with so much so soon. You are amazing . stay fit and healthy .!!!!

  7. The ability to follow your progress so closely and learn so much about what you are doing is absolutely riveting. It is amazing that you have been keeping us up to date from that tiny cabin whilst being thrown around the ocean like a demented ping pong ball. The mind boggles at the effort. Thank you for providing so much interesting and enlightening input. Are Ernie and Bernie also albatrosses I wonder? The Pacific weather chart looks a bit more promising ahead.

  8. Karl says:

    Lash it all down and be prepared to roll (maybe all the way over). I am understanding large south swell combined with your constant northwest wind, lovely! I hope your sea anchor keeps you out of the troughs.

    Better days ahead, stay healthy and stay the course,

  9. Shawna says:

    I avidly await each entry blog! Keep up the awesome work!

  10. tim spiteri says:

    What a brilliant effort, I have been following your plans for the past few years. It is so pleasing to hear you have survived the first 10 days of your row.

    The brilliance, freedom and joy you will experience on the ocean will help get you through the horrible days at sea anchor.

    I look forward to hearing your tales of Adventure and beauty.

    Let’s hope for favorable winds and following seas.


  11. Hi there Amazons! You have the support of every person who has sponsored you, and you are in their thoughts as you go through this.
    That’s more empathy than any Explorer and self-challenger ever had in the history of the World!
    Go Amazons!
    Xx David

  12. Rob says:

    The blogs are so informative but amusing given the conditions you are all faced with. Keep going ladies. You are a real inspiration. Rob

  13. Hi team! We’re all avidly following your progress here at Breast Cancer Care and to say we’re proud of what you’re doing is an understatement. You’re coping with so much so early on in your adventure but we know you can overcome anything that the Pacific throws at you. We’re keeping our fingers and toes crossed for calmer seas and kinder weather ahead for you. Keep up your teamwork and looking after each other. Sarah x

  14. Danielle says:

    Keep it up girls! You’re doing so well! Loving reading your blog xxx

  15. El says:

    Love and total admiration for you all – you’re doing such an amazing job – a complete inspiration for everyone. Keep going as you are moment to moment, minute to minute, hour to hour and day to day – keep your heads down, laugh, cry and sing – just keep going. You can totally do this xxx

  16. Loving it!!!

    I’m sad to hear Albert has parted the waves :_(

    Didn’t Ernie and Bernie do Sesame Street? Where the hell did they come from, then again I hope the Count doesn’t suddenly do an appearance, that’s the last thing you need a muppet that counts down every fricking mile, that’ll be one departed muppet before he counts to 10, Ha Ha Ha….

  17. Holy crap you’ve broken the 2000NM to go barrier, WELL DONE!!!!

  18. I don’t know if anyone else has realised, but I’m looking at the route you’ve made, if you just look at it, it kinda it makes a startling resemblance to Alfred Hitchcock’s outline in one of his movies.

  19. Simon TY says:

    Hope the dishwasher off spin cycle. You must be getting pretty knackered. It is amazing watching the dot and reading blogs and comments. There is amazing level of support and all willing you on. I have seen the moon a lot this week and pinged my little bit of effort and love to you XXXX

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