Day 15 – Back in sight of shore

Emma Mitchell By

Day 15

Last night we came back into sight of shore. During the early night shifts we were speeding along at over 2.5knots but then the tide changed and as we are now close enough to shore for this to affect us we slowed to a painful crawl. I also spent most of the night with ‘there was an old lady who swallowed a fly’ going round and round my head thanks to Izz! There was some late night DIY needed on our seats and then first thing this morning we crossed the main shipping channel into Los Angeles. Fortunately despite our slow speed we made it across without getting mown down by any of the container ships passing by. Laura discovered a new winning breakfast combination of apple and custard mixed with porridge and I found a beef and potato hotpot for lunch after a week of rummaging the hatches for it. Now that we are close to land there are a lot of birds again. Our favourite penguin birds are back and there are lots of crazy little white birds as well who make a lot of noise.

We now need to row another approximately 50nm along the coast line to Santa Barbara where Tony will meet us to do some work on Doris before departure on leg one part 2. The sun is shining again today and Harry the humpback whale visited us briefly this morning. The wind has picked up and we are surfing the waves into land. Spirits are high and now we have come to terms with the disappointment of having to turn back to shore we are looking forward to a shower and some tasty food before getting back out on the ocean with Doris.



  1. Jim Andrews says:

    Enjoy the mini break girls then revitalized, back to the challenge. We will all be with you….. In spirit. XX

  2. Esther B says:

    Just chalk it up as an unplanned practice run! Fingers crossed Doris will be fixed quickly and you will be back on the water again in no time. We are all willing you on and know you can do it.

    Don’t forget your bird book this time…..

    Lots of love xxx

  3. Simon TY says:

    Esther, bird book, fish guide, snacks for the whales.

    Well done getting back to the coast so quickly. Assume you have learned massive amount about Doris and the ocean, the food and routines, yourselves and each other. Ironically, might make the leg to Hawaii much easier knowing what you now do. Tony may be able to make changes not just to the electrics.

    Enjoy the food and a stationary bed. Or maybe you will all share one sleeping bag just to keep up yr routine !!

  4. Liz davey says:

    you deserve a big fat steak with fries and all the trimmings. I bet the shower or bath will never feel better not to mention the luxury of a proper loo! You are all amazing and so many people are following your blogs. Can’t wait to hear the next instalments. Lol xx

  5. Lisa says:

    Hi Emma, Andy says get yourself a bird book while you are ashore and he’ll add £10 to your fund. (He’s an ardent twitcher)

  6. Pimo says:

    Keep to the script, don’t get too comfy, it may sound tough but that’s the mentality you need to see this through. 🙂

  7. Allen says:

    Hi there, glad you are back safe and sound. I hope the repairs go well and you manage to get some good sleep.
    Enjoy the enforced rest and make the most of your time in L.A.
    Best wishes.

  8. Hi team ~

    First of all, the response to the article about your big dream has been tremendous ~ lots of sharing and folks talking about how your action is inspiring them to get their big dreams out of mothballs.

    Sad to hear that you’ve had to return to California, but as you said before you left, you believe in the strength of the human spirit. Still I wonder where you’re finding the courage some days ~ you are absolutely amazing.

    Once you’re back on the way to Hawaii, I’ll do another post with an update about the lesson you’re demonstrating that obstacles come up on the way to all big dreams ~ you living proof of ‘don’t give up, don’t give in’. I’ll also add more information about how to donate to the charities.

    Let me know of any messages you’d like to send to readers about what you’re learning, what it’s like, etc.

    My prayers are with you every day.

    Enjoy Santa Barbara!!


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