Day 15 – midnight ramblings


Day 15 midnight ramblings

So for the last 3 days I’ve been on shift patterns with Izz. Every 3 days we rotate our row partner so that each of us have shared time together rather than developing 2 teams of 2 on the boat. For us it works really well as its pulling us closer together and gives opportunity to spend time with one another.

Anyhew, the last 3 night shifts with Izz has been movie night on the oars and an awesome recollection of The Lord of The Rings trilogy. Izz is honestly amazing at narrating the whole story, she remembers all the names of the places, people and the step by step plot from start to finish. I honestly feel like I’ve rewatched the movies and it made each 2hr night shift fly by. The only hiccup is when I try and interlude on the story when I’m trying to keep myself awake. Usually between the hours of 3-5am I am s little drowsy & this apparently is prime viewing for my midnight ramblings / gobbledegook talking. Basically what happens, is that I’m trying to stay awake so start talking but then during the conversation I drift off into daydream and my conversation apparently shifts to that also. According to Izz, An example is the following: ‘Yes I remember Frodo having an invisible jacket he also has my iPod on charge which I mustn’t forget, but I don’t know how to log out and save my file from excel on my computer like on the iPad!’ It’s not until I hear izzy say ‘You what?!!’ That it snaps me out of it and I realise where I am. So to get me back on focus, we decided to stand up and do our ‘Friday chicken dance’ (courtesy of our sport psych Keith and sorry Keith we adapted this for when needs must on alternative days!). Worked a treat and then I was fully compus mentis for the closing of Lord of the Rings.

Personal messages:
Mum – can’t believe you put pepper on Islas pasta when she meant Peppa Pig – has had me chuckling for days! Michelle and Heather – SO great to speak to you both, you felt like you weren’t that far away and I loved hearing your voices and sound words of support. Can’t wait to meet Pip!
Adam Sargent – hope the training is going well, I’ll need to do some cycling when I get back before we go out for a ride. Paul Robertson – Where did you get the daily fact of the days that you wrote with Michelle on my daily cards? Flippin love them and they are a talk of the boat on a daily basis. Current favourite ‘Donald duck comics were banned in Finland because he doesn’t wear pants’ priceless!

Laura x



  1. Jim Andrews says:

    That one had me chuckling, I am still trying to figure how 3 X 2 hour films were made of The Hobbit, I read it in two relatively short sessions. I can only remember key characters, places? Not really. So well done Izz. What a good way to see you through the hardest shift. One of my favourite movies is “As Good as it Gets”, complicated, touching, annoying, fulfilling! Discuss? You are doing great Ladies. XX

  2. You don’t know me, and I don’t know you…but I feel as if I do know you and I just wanted to say brilliantly well done and keep on keeping on. I am reading and following and thinking of you…you are four very amazing women.

  3. Simon TY says:

    Only one comment since yesterday. We are letting you down. We are meant to be amusing you, encouraging you, urging you on. As well as the facts of the day, I think we should be plying you with jokes. Pathetic jokes to read out to each other. Then you can have six months of ” I do hope I can remember that one”. And you can tell them to the albatross. Why can you not hear a Pterodatcyl urinate ? Because the P is silent. Why was the new band called 999 Meg ? Cos it didnt yet have a gig !! Boom boom. Anyhow, is pissing with rain here, cold and wet. Onwards and backwards XXX

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