Day 2 on Samoa

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Day 2 on Samoa…

Waking up this morning in a massive king size bed with beautiful soft, fresh linen at the wonderful resort of Sinalei was worlds apart from where we were just 48 hours previously. A couple of us got up early and went down to the water front where we jumped off the pier into the deep, fresh water spring that came up in the sea. The water temperature was like a cool bath and it was so clear with beautiful colourful fish swimming around us amongst the coral reef.


We then had the most amazing breakfast, which for most of us is our favourite meal of the day and for me, it’s been the food that I’ve been talking to LV about for the last 2 weeks at least! We had the buffet breakfast which included marmalades such as papaya, lime and banana, or coconut marmalade with nutty bread or coconut bread, fresh mangoes and apple cream fruits. This was the starter to cleanse the palate before the main course of eggs benedict including bacon and spinach on 2 muffins!





Followed by a dessert of pancakes with bananas in orange marmalade syrup – seriously delicious! One bonus of needing to stock up on food whilst we’re here, we’re literally eating everything in sight, love it!! Before leaving I got to do one last rendition of the Hakka to check I had it right, apparently I need to work on my scary face! (See facebook for the video!)

Laura doing the Haka

Laura doing the Haka

We were sad to leave Sinalei and the wonderful John who had been so generous in providing our stay, but it was time for Doris to get pampered. We cleared out everything from the hatches and deck, washed her clean and let her air dry before repacking. Whilst down at the dockside, we had some wonderful visitors, from the group of men from Tansmania, to the 2 lovely couples who are living and travelling the world on their boats.


The Tasmanians


Us with Joe from the hotel


The finale for the evening was a phone call with Keith our Sport Psych. Touching base on where we are as a team reflecting on our 2nd leg, setting us up for success on the last leg, ensuring we’ve got our individual plans laid out for what we want out of the last leg and how we prepare for bringing Doris home for the finish. Plenty of homework to ensure that we don’t completely laze about whilst we’re here!

One thing is for sure, Samoa is definitely getting harder and harder to envisage leaving next week. The people, the food, the culture and the island itself, is one of the most beautiful places i have ever been to. Thank you Samoa.



  1. pete mewton says:

    Youre really selling Samoa to me Laura. Think I’ll start rowing! Enjoy every minute you spend there. After all it was a bit of a long row to get there.

  2. Ray says:

    Having just seen you Hakka dance moves I think you a bit of tuition from your dear old Dad when you get home and I think you’ve been away too long as you seem to have forgotten that you have that sort of breakfast every day after a dip in the Atlantic at Portreath!!!!!!!!!!!
    love from cold and damp Cambrose xx

  3. Simon TY says:

    Loving the haka. Scary or what ? Try it on Fernando. Hoping you having a great rest, though sure stuffing Oreos into snack packs is taking up much of yr time.


  4. Simon TY says:

    You must be feeling neglected. Arrive on dry land and all comments disappear. What are you eating ? Are you sleeping ? How much weight have you managed to put on ? Who holds the record for number of fried eggs in one sitting ? Do you get a hangover after one beer, when previously abstaining for 96 days ?

    Or should us hard working sofa rowers be recharging our batteries ? Psyching ourselves up for that morning search for a blog ?

  5. JG says:

    Hi Simon _ just feel that there is more than enough in their lives at the moment and I can’t compete with Samoa anyway !

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