Day 2 – Take 2

Isabel Burnham By

We’re adjusting to life back on Doris. Last night we made steady progress along the coast to Point Conception and have now turned away from the shore and are headed West. Overnight I felt quite seasick which took me by surprise as I did so well to avoid it last time in the bigger seas. I’m currently paired up with Laura, who was a superstar and looked after me, and I’m feeling much better today so hopefully that’ll be the last of it.


Last night was beautiful and starry but hard to stay awake as we are adapting to our 2 hours on 2 hours of sleep pattern again. The dawn shift is always the most difficult one for me to stay awake on, but this morning treated us to a beautiful sunrise and some sightings of dolphins. The daytime brought the first rain we have had. Laura and I sang as many songs as we could think of that mention rain to pass the time on the oars. After a lunch of freeze dried expedition foods (cottage pie for me and chicken pesto pasta for Laura) the sun came out and boosted our spirits.

Laura and I were discussing how amazing it is to think of so many people back at home following the little pink boat on our website. Hopefully this time you’ll be able to watch some consistent progress West to Hawaii! A couple of short personal messages:

Mummy, Daddy, Em, Ben and Phil – thinking of you all lots Wrens class – I hope you are enjoying following our journey The Dryden girls – I am averaging at least 2 renditions of Build Me Up Buttercup a day!



  1. It’s truly remarkable and inspirational what you’re doing love reading the blogs and getting your updates blessings to you all from here in Bournemouth in the UK

  2. pat mitchell says:

    Hanging in there with you all as you start over again I say prayers nightly for your safe journey.

  3. Edwina says:

    yay! Who knew an inter house song competition could have such a lasting impact?! Keep it up Iz xx

  4. Catherine says:

    Hi. I’m so glad you are back in the water although I’m not envious of the freeze dried food. And it’s perfect that the Dolphins popped alone to say hello. Was one Flipper?

    Sending you all lots of positive thoughts and hoping that this part of the leg is kinder than the last.

    Catherine x

  5. Jim Andrews says:

    It was always going to be tough doing a restart, I imagine you craved a good sleep, nice food etc, so rejoining hardship…..not easy. You are all doing so well, you wiil have so many wonderfull memories and the right to be proud of this amazing achievement. Thoughts and best wishes. X

  6. Looks like a Southerly direction taken up overnight. Maybe heading down to the 21st parallel for the trade winds to help you along? Thoughts are with you and looking forward to your next blog. Amazing Coxless Crew.

  7. Simon TY says:

    Presume you now out of sight of land and on the edge of the shelf and deep water. Still whizzing along, though the currents seem to have taken you onboard. Hope spirits good, seasickness gone, dolphins jumping, whales spouting, and all good in yr little world ( well, actually enormous world) XXX

  8. Lynda says:

    The west coast/Southern California is waking up to sunshine today so here’s hoping you are having tailwinds and temperate weather. Enjoy the journey!

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