Day 20 – Inspiration

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Day 20 – Inspiration

This morning we received an email which totally made my day. It was from a wonderful woman called Linda (the auntie of our lovely Meg) who is running a fundraising event at her swim school in Broadstairs. The children in her school are swimming one length for every mile of our journey to raise money for our charities in a dedicated slot once a week. They are doing better than us and have already made it to Hawaii! The email talks of the children who have been pushing themselves further than they thought they could, inspired by our journey across the Pacific. What they probably don’t realise is that they are the ones inspiring us to keep rowing when it’s cold, wet or the currents are pushing us round in circles. Stuck in our little Pacific bubble it is amazing to hear that people back in the real world are following our story and being inspired to take on challenges of their own. Getting messages from home is one of the highlights of our days. We can’t wait to go and visit the swim school when we get home.


If there are any other schools who want to get involved in our schools project and help us to fundraise for our charities then please get in touch at and get some more information on our schools website We are hoping to make some calls to some of our schools project schools live from Doris on the Pacific.

In other news we received our first weather forecast from Tony this morning containing a North easterly wind. Very excitingly this means we will hopefully start making some more progress towards Hawaii soon. There has been plenty of dancing from LP and Nats and singing of power ballads from Izz and I today, the wind has picked up but the sun is still mainly shining. Last night the moon was the most beautiful we have seen so far followed by a stunning sunrise. All is well in our little corner of the Pacific.



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    Should be a nice 20knot North Easterly behind you now forecast is looking good.Well done the Crew. Into the 127 Eastings already – great progress and things looking up for you at last.

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