Day 3 – Take 2

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Day 3 – Take 2

Currently Izz and I are paired together and so after our night shifts the sunrise shift at 05:30 was beautiful. It started with blue sky and sunshine with a little wind but heading in the right direction -WEST!
Albert the albatross is getting more and more friendly often landing now right next to Doris, which gives us plenty of amusement to talk to a bird instead of your team mates! Today he stopped off for a spot of lunch with his mates as they tucked into some fish. Unfortunately from about11am today our faithful friend ‘Hercules the wind’ decided that we weren’t ready yet for easterly winds and so he’s mixed it up again to a less favourable north westerly 18-21+. For over 6 hours we battled rowing hard against it, our autopilot wasn’t too happy with going backwards so we switched to hand steering but the wind and swell had different ideas of which direction we should travel. So as we were losing ground fairly rapidly we put out the para anchor for a few hours until the wind eased.

The amusing part was that during this time ironically Izz was listening to Bastille Pompei ‘when you close your eyes does it almost feel like nothing’s changed at all. How am I going to be an optimist about this…’ Interesting words! We’re all pretty gutted to be back in the cabins after starting to make good ground but hey ho we’ll be back on it later plus it has lead to some very amusing antics on board which has had Izz and me in tears of laughter :)! iPad photo booth, I highly recommend it to make you giggle – pics to follow!

One other massive bonus for me is that (touch wood’ nada sea sickness and eating like a horse again! Woohoo! For me I think the Sopaderm patch with additional cinnazine when conditions change. Happy days! Huge thanks to Dr Spike Briggs from MSOS (medical services offshore) for getting the patches and extras sent to Tony for Santa Barbara.
Anyhow signing off now from the fore cabin. Thanks for all your continued support we love hearing from you and one final thing – HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MUM and also my SISTER-IN-LAW KATIE. Thinking of you both today (16th May) xxx



  1. Great to hear your news and that your feeling better now! Sun shining in Cornwall today and tourists are starting to arrive at Mount Edgcumbe for afternoon teas! (Cream Teas!) Sorry!!! Watching you progress daily, keep at it team!!! Best Wishes SW XXXX

  2. pat mitchell says:

    Read your post daily hope all is well and spirits high.

  3. Jade says:

    Great to hear you’re back aboard Doris and heading (mostly) in the right direction! 🙂 keep up the good spirits girls. Much love xxx

  4. Jim Andrews says:

    The sun is trying very hard over Liverpool, a pleasant 14C. Pleased to see that my daily fix is back on schedule, We all read of your experiences but can have no idea of the conditions you are enduring. As always, this Cornishman (Herodsfoot near Liskeard) now living in Liverpool, wishes you all good speed and good fortune. X

  5. mike says:

    Great to hear your on your way again. Getting friendlier with Albert I see perhaps soon he will use that wing span to drag you out of that bad weather, how does he measure up, some get to 12 ft . Keep up your peckers.

  6. Danyelle says:

    Well done Albert for entertaining the ladies!
    Loving my bedtime read of the Coxless blog…just about all I can manage before passing out. Well done you lot, thinking of you constantly. Big smackers xxxxx

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