Day 5 – Take 2

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Day 5 – Take 2

The days are fast becoming a blur of eat, sleep, row, repeat, eat, sleep, row, repeat, with random moments that jump out in between.

The first night shift greeted us with an amazingly star strewn sky. We have once again lost the sight of shore and have no other light pollution, as well as there being only a tiny slice of moon at the moment. Izz and I rowed hard against current and wind.

The second night shift was completely overcast. It was as black as night (literally!) and we had no idea where the waves were coming from. We kept pushing hard against the wind and same southerly current that we actually seem to be stuck in. Another physically hard rowing session but all are passing quickly with half a session of life story telling from each of us and then half with music or audio books.

I’m currently listening to ‘The 100 year-old man who climbed out the window’. It’s wonderfully well narrated and providing some great amusement. I’ve never actually listened to an audio book before. They’re fab!

The sunrise shift was lovely. I decided to bring the new day in with some salsa and got very hyper on the oars as this music always makes me want to dance. Salsa is not an easy thing to do on an ocean rowing boat let me tell you, but at least my attempt provided entertainment for the others!

We’re still rowing mainly on the right side to try and keep Doris on course and keep inching as west as we can. Here’s hoping we get to do some left arm rowing balancing out at some stage soon as 60 days of only rowing with the right arm is not going to be the best look on our arrival into Hawaii!!

Other Day 5 highlights included:

  • cloud watching
  • a lunch of expedition food macaroni & cheese with added sachet of tuna (a luxury item on the boat and my absolute favourite)
  • frequent visits from 2 new friends Iggy and Jay who are beautiful Layson Albatrosses – we have a bird book now
  • breathing in deeply the pure ocean air
  • a change into fresh underwear! Ahhhh…..the small things…it’s always the small things… x


  1. Simon TY says:

    Laysan Albatross……never heard of them. I read they all live in Hawaii so they will be with you all the way. How are you chosing names ? It is a bit like Royal babies. Do you argue about names ? Do you take it in turns ? Should I be on to Ladbrokes wagering on what you will chose next ? Are they coming from songs ?

    Fresh underwear……..after a week at sea. Too much information. Have you got a star book ? Oh, no, turn back, forgot yr astronomy book. Seen any shooting stars ?

    Do not worry about yr arms. Any Olympic oarsman will tell you that a lifetime of bow/stroke side leaves you a bit lopsided. Latissimus Dorsi very very out of balance.

    Hope all in good cheer. What do you want to hear about ? News from home ? Gossip, big brother, Sally Bercow’s affairs ? What snippets do you miss most ?

  2. Johnnie says:

    Hi Laura, SImon T-Ys friend from Mudeford. Strewth – just catching up on your tracker. Sounds like the weather forecasting is as reliable as it is here. Remember at Rossiters seeing you on Doris and wonder if the team there are keeping up with your progress.
    Suprised that ST-Y hasn’t heard of the Laysan as he normally pretends to know about everything – I was expecting inside leg measurements, gestation periods etc as well as tasty recipe dishes that he and his family had when he was in short trousers……
    Have shared your site with a number of my wife’s family who are natural waterphiles so hope they will add to the banter.
    Wishing you currents that carry you and winds that nudge you serenely westwards

  3. Juan says:

    linda!!!! Seguí bailando!!! Que nunca pare ese sentimiento!!!! Bailas increíble tan bien que Jared continua intentando bailar como vos!! Heheheheh mucha suerte linda!!!! Xxxxx

  4. Not far off a direct bearing to Honolulu now. Well done Crew.
    Albatrosses are such beautiful birds. Any flying fish on board yet – I wonder if they are edible?

  5. Hi girls, I absolutely LOVE following your blog and this is the first thing I do each morning and look at the tracker. Nat I had a laugh reading this blog….you are absolutely right though, it’s always the little things! Best of luck to you all. Don’t give up and here’s to some favorable wind and current soon. I’ll be with you all the way. XXXX

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