Day 6 – Take 2

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Day 6 – Take 2

Last night was beautiful and starry with no moon. Nat and I passed the time telling stories and the two night shifts flew past. The hardest part is getting yourself up and out of the cabin onto the oars when you have only been asleep for an hour or so. In our little cabin we both wiggle out of our sleeping bags and get our Crewsaver wet weather gear on (usually soggy from the shift before), grab our Sealskinz waterproof hats, gloves and socks, fill up our water bottles and find a little snack to take into the deck. One by one, we then switch over with the girls on the oars. Balance always seems to be lacking at night time and we must look ridiculous as we swap around. Some choose to crawl along the deck, while others prefer to try to walk using the shoulders of the rowers for support.

The sun has been with us for the last couple of days and our hands and faces are continuing to get more and more tanned, although the rest of us is still covered up in our wet weather gear. We are still rowing hard, but moving frustratingly slowly as we are caught in an adverse current. Fingers crossed we will break free from it in the next 24 hours and be able to make some faster progress West.

My iPod broke very soon after we left San Francisco and the stop off in Santa Barbara fortunately meant I was able to replace it. I have been really enjoying listening to my music on the oars. We also have plenty of power coming through our Solbian solar panels and our Victron batteries, so this afternoon we were even able to plug an iPod into our Fusion speakers and play music out on deck – Mr Probs “Wave after Wave” was the tune of the day!

Although we don’t have an ideal wind direction, the conditions have been more stable than last time which feels like it has given us a bit more time for other things when we’re not rowing, such as eating, reading, clothes washing and social time. This afternoon, while Nat and I were on the oars, Laura and Ems appeared out of the aft cabin wearing clown face paints and sang a little clown song to keep us amused!



  1. sound sounds great fun keep rowing QUEEN visited Chelsea flower show sun came out showers lighting now god speed

  2. keep rowing Chelsea flower show showers/lighting at home full steam ahead

  3. Keep ur chin up girls. I have just looked at where u were on day six take 1 and u where only 2 miles further than u are now and u have had to row further this time!!!

  4. Jim Andrews says:

    Spirits in good health by the sound of things. Good for you. Progress sounds tough, hopefully wind and current will stop hindering you soon and start playing their part in getting you West. Best wishes. X

  5. Simon TY says:

    Looks like a new southerly record since I last logged on. Well done. Of all the “essentials” I would not have guessed at…..face paint. Is it poss for us to have more photos ? Hope wind and current turning for you. Not sure what hour yr blog was posted but hope that 24 hours was a definite forecast. XX

  6. Robert says:

    A developing low at 38.45° N, 151.65° W means NW winds at your current position will extend further out into the Pacific. Rowing directly to Hawaii not an option. Try rowing as a pair & not a double scull then you only have 1 sweep oar to worry about & twice the pulling power on the one sweep. Your watches are too short. Row with the flow, you need to get further south. You’re the captains of your vessel, be the awesome foursome you are …

  7. Gary Hammond says:

    Hey brave young women, I was wondering if you are catching fish to eat, as you go? hi Nats!

  8. Writing this early Tuesday afternoon your time. Nice turn westwards shown on the chart – well done. Great progress!

  9. Karl says:

    You have just gained your southern most point, but more importantly look to have just swung west with an increase in speed! I so hope that means the currents and winds are finally becoming more favorable. You so deserve some tailwind/current rowing.

    Westward Ho!

  10. We are following you every day and are really impressed with the progress you are making and your grit and determination. It was such fun meeting up in Santa Barbara and actually getting on board! We’re with you all the way. Marius @ Annax

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