Getting pampered


Wow, wow, wow…..

We are all in LOVE with Samoa.

Since arriving here we have been spoilt rotten. The luxuries of being back on dry land has far exceeded expectations, and the distant familiarities of daily routine on land is a welcome novelty. Stable ground, a view that includes colours other than just blue, food that resembles something other than baby food, fresh fruit, a warm and powerful shower, a drink so cold that it has condensation on the outside of the glass, a toilet seat (!), other people’s faces and conversations, different clothes, different smells, Jaffa cakes (Lizannes mum has kindly brought boxes full) and a BIG SOFT NON-MOVING SPREAD YOURSELF OUT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN bed!

We all awoke this morning feeling like we’ve risen from the dead. I don’t think anything will ever beat the feeling of a proper night sleep after 97 days of sleeping for a maximum of 2 hours at a time at sea. We all woke with varying aches and pains so we are making a conscious effort to do stretching exercises while on land.

We decided to adapt our plans for Samoa based on the lessons we learnt from Hawaii; the first- have a rest day! In Hawaii we arrived in the evening and jumped back on the boat for cleaning and maintenance early the next morning. We left Hawaii exhausted, so we decided to have some down-time on our first full day In Samoa. The amazing Nicola Mills pretty much set us up for the most amazing pampering day.

After a huge breakfast at home of everything we’ve been dreaming of we got taken to a beauty salon…… Hell yeah! Rosenberg Beauty Clinic very kindly offered to pamper us for three hours, each, completely free. It was incredible; pedicures, waxing, massages, facials! We now feel like women again! The women at Rosenberg are incredible, and each have their own beautiful and inspirational story. Being pioneers in their industry Rosa and the team could not have given us a more enjoyable gift. We walked out floating on clouds. Thank you Rosa, Moana, Suneeta, Naifo and Maria.

We were then whisked away again by Nicola to the extremely beautiful reef resort and spa which the manager Joe Annandale has organised for us. It gave us an opportunity to bond as a team, without any other distraction. The focus was on integrating Meg into the team talking about our hot buttons/hopes and fears etc. We are all loving having her smiley face here and she has definitely made us very excited to get back on the boat.

We went to the restaurant sitting right on the beach and had a special moment; we ordered cocktails which we could ACTUALLY HAVE! (Every sunset on the boat Nat would ask “what cocktail is everyone having?!” and we would proceed to give our order. It was amazing to actually drink our order!!)

Sinalei Reef Resort is heaven on earth ( Situated right on the beach we were spoilt to live music and dancing. Laura learnt the Hakka and Meg and Ems were asked for a dance. We ate, laughed and danced and had an incredible time. The people of Samoa have bowled us over with their kindness, love and generosity. Samoa is definitely making its mark… We are in love.



  1. Tim spiteri says:

    Brilliant, enjoy the luxuries on offer 🙂
    It has been wonderful to hear your stories from the water, it allows me to remember the beauty of ocean rowing.
    I can’t wait to see you ladies in Cairns.
    Enjoy the rest , being clean and a chance to refocus.


  2. It sounds perfect. I’m definitely putting Samoa on my ‘to do’ list (and not only for the rugby!). So impressed and amazed by you girls and I wish you the best for the third leg. May the winds, tides and weather be all that you want and need x

  3. Simon TY says:

    Hey, you are going to end up retiring to a remote island at this rate ( well,one with a Spa). Enjoy yr days of rest


  4. JG says:

    Well there you go – nothing less than you deserve and have really earned. I have always thought of Samoa and the Pacific Islanders as a happy thing and I am not surprised that they are doing you proud. Great idea having a day off – have a couple more along the way. Have fun

  5. I hope the luxury treatment also includes a special island remedy for your poor salt sores. Make sure you stay long enough to get them all healed properly, that’s more important than any self -imposed deadline!
    Best warm wishes

  6. Jim Andrews says:

    Great to feel your joy at being on the receiving end of generosity….for a change. Quite right to take a whole day off, though I would suggest at least another whole day off, namely the day before you depart. Enjoy enjoy enjoy. XX

  7. Charlie Mc says:

    Yay to a rest day! Sounds like a wonderful rest day too! Can’t think of a group of women who deserve it more 🙂 x

  8. Liz says:

    Enjoy every minute you so deserve all the spoiling, like the orevious blogger tho make sure everything is healed before you set off again and give your bodies the recharge they need after such punishment. All your Cornish family send special love and congratulations Laura. Xx

  9. Antonia says:

    I’m smiling all over my face reading that, I can almost feel it!
    Have a wonderful time girls, soak it all up.

    Antonia xx

  10. Well done girls you should be pampered more often for all your bravery and epic journey good luck on the last leg we will be following you all the way

  11. Esther B says:

    And no less than you deserve! Enjoy your time in Samoa and try and take it as easy as you can…


  12. Sue Ormrod says:

    Luxuriate for a bit – you certainly deserve it!

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