A diverse team

Isabel Burnham By

I think the quote below sums up our team perfectly.  The six of us are each different, with different outlooks, different backgrounds, different skill sets, different strengths and weaknesses, different likes and dislikes.  And that is what made us such a great team.  We used our diversity to make the team stronger than its individual parts.



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  1. JG says:

    I think that one of the most important things that people can learn from your experience is how you integrated as a team that was so perfectly balanced.

    Clearly initial selection of members is important and I would suspect that a critical attribute that each individual must have is the ability to assess the teams composition as a whole, and to know where their own and other’s vulnerabilities are and support and tolerate them.

    Diversity is important in team composition. A team where all members have the same strengths is like a horse with only two legs.

    I have particularly avoided the word weakness (As in the antithesis to strength) applied here because none of you had any weakness, only different strengths

    I have a clear outline picture in my mind gleaned from the many blogposts of the strengths and vulnerabilities of each of you but I would not presume to announce it here because that is for you to tell when you speak at your many speaking engagements.

    Good luck with what you are doing.

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