Oh a life on the Ocean waves…
Life on the boat was certainly… different! And it has taken a while to adapt back in to ‘normal’ society!

The boat was set up with two rowing positions. Two of us were always on the oars whilst the other two rest/sleep/eat (unless we were caught in a bad storm where we all had to squeeze into the cabin). Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions, in case you’re wondering!

How many miles did you cover? ▾

Approximately 8,446 miles.

How long did it take? ▾

Our journey was supposed to take between 5 and 6 months (approx. 155 days all going to plan), however, it ended up taking 3 months longer (257 days!

What was the route? ▾

We departed from San Francisco, California to Hawaii, to Samoa and then completed the final strait to Cairns, Australia. We also had to make an unscheduled stop over in Santa Barbara at the beginning of leg one.

Why are you doing it? ▾

We wish to inspire women globally to follow their dreams and to raise awareness and essential funds for our chosen charities – Walking With The Wounded and Breast Cancer Care.

Why are you rowing for Walking With The Wounded? ▾

Finding long term employment is one of the biggest challenges facing wounded servicemen and women hoping to lead a normal life after severe injury. Walking with the Wounded is an amazing charity which funds the re-training and re-education of injured service personnel.

Our vision of being able to inspire people to seize their opportunities, make their own choices and face their life challenges is the work that Walking with the Wounded are putting into action. Their work makes sure opportunities are being created for women & men who have experienced extreme challenges and who have risked their lives in the line of duty. We hope that our fundraising will help boost support for these extraordinary women and men.

Why are you rowing for Breast Cancer Care? ▾

Not everyone knows this, but one in eight women get breast cancer. Breast Cancer Care is a fantastic charity that provides support to anyone affected by breast cancer. We are constantly inspired by the strength and character shown by the women that are fighting their way through it and we want to give something back to these incredible ladies.

Did you set any world records? ▾

Yes, we set two. First all female team to row the Pacific Ocean. First ever team of four to row the Pacific Ocean.

Where did you go to the toilet? ▾

Bucket and chuck it!

What is the boat like? ▾

PINK! 29 ft long, 7 ft wide, 2 rowing positions, a front and back cabin and made mainly of Kevlar, glass and foam core.

What training did you have to do? ▾

Training was a fine balance between getting our bodies ready for the challenge ahead without burning them out. A lot of our training was about building up a solid core and our leg muscles so we were strong enough to complete the challenge but also minimizing the risk of injury. We also did psychological training with our team psychologist Keith Goddard.

What did you eat? ▾

Each day we consumed approximately 4000Kcal to provide us with enough energy to keep on rowing without losing too much weight! The majority of those calories came through freeze-dried meals but were topped up with snacks (cereal bars, nuts, protein shakes, coconut oil etc).

How can I help? ▾

You could help us by spreading the word of our adventure, holding your own fundraising event, or sponsoring us. Any other ideas welcome!


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