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Father’s Day Blog

Being out here in the middle of nothingness with all the time in the world, gives you an amazing opportunity to think long and hard about what is important to you in the ‘real world’ and how we have become the people we are. Obviously the main thing that we all agree on is that family is paramount. It is their support, guidance and encouragement that we truly appreciate and are forever thankful to them.

LP and I spent one of today’s shifts taking about our wonderful parents and we reflected on how both of us share a mixture of traits from both our mothers and our fathers (the good bits of course!). There is so much respect and admiration we have for our mums but as it’s Fathers Day today, we thought we would share with you an insight into our fantastic dads and what we believe some of the traits are that we have been lucky enough to have inherited from them.

My dad has always taught me strong morales, he is a man that is laid back and easy going but will stick to what he believes in. He is compassionate and will show his kind, caring nature in going above and beyond to help others. He’s taught me the art of problem solving and without a doubt has instilled in me to see things through and never give up. On a practical note, I can certainly thank my dad for my driving skills, having been taught from a young age in the fields of Cornwall. This means I love driving any car, at any opportunity, in any location and I’m not a female afraid of parking in small spaces (which came in handy on the hills of San Fran!).
My dad has shown me the values that we share as a team, he has taught me integrity, trust and above all he is my inspirational father figure, that I am very lucky to have. Love you Dad xx

LP and Ray Nat and Bern

I get my patience and the love of meeting new people from my dad. He is the peacekeeper in the family and I seem to have also adopted that trait.
My dad has always been one of my heroes. There are many reasons for this but the main one has to be the admiration I feel for him dealing with the huge challenge he faced as a young man. My dad has certainly overcome his own adversity by not only fighting and overcoming cancer but also the life changing experience of losing a limb (right leg, above the knee amputation).
He has always been the most incredible father and encouraged me to be the free spirit that I am. He embodies the values that we live by on Doris by showing not only strength and resilience but also great perseverance. He is my constant inspiration.

To all those fathers out there, Happy Fathers Day!



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  1. Jim Andrews says:

    Lovely words ladies, there are definitely some very proud dads out there today of some awesome girls doing an incredible job. Stay safe. XX

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