Hawaii- not just a paradise


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Hawaii is fast becoming a favorite on our travel list, and believe it or not, it’s not just because this place is paradise. The people in Hawaii are perhaps the kindest and most generous people on the entire planet!
Hawaii Yacht Club: So our gorgeous Doris has needed a bit of pampering and a mild face-lift since arriving in Hawaii. We have been doing all of this at the Hawaii Yacht Club and there have been people helping, suggesting, giving and lending! Anything Doris needs, she gets! The workers melting in the Hawaiian sun lifting, packing, cleaning and drilling away (that’s Tony and us!) have also been looked after incredibly well with fresh fruit salads delivered to us from the kitchen and ice cool drinks to put an extra spring in our collective steps! All about the team work!
I also know our little pink Doris might LOOK small, but she is Mary Poppins when it comes to storage. It can be known that we will be taking a lot more content than you could think possible.
We have at times completely dominated the floor space and occupied almost all of the tables packing our fruit and nut packets and loading off all of the contents we bought from Costco! The Yacht Club have been so patient with us, and we are truly grateful for that.
Our host families: Oh my goodness… In your lifetime I hope you all get to meet inspirational characters like these. They are in their early 80’s and still full of beans… Beans so full they’re overflowing! On the 35th floor, towering over Honolulu, we get to wake up to an incredible view every morning. We will introduce them properly in a follow-up blog.
We appreciate everyones patience and caring natures as we hurry around trying to get everything sorted on Doris.
By the way, we had the most incredible breakfast today at Coco Head Cafe. This is certainly one meal we will be re-living on the boat. We will imagine the colours and flavors popping in our mouthes as we eat our freeze dried food! Thanks to Sarah Moshman for organising! And just to let you know, she is getting some fab footage for her documentary… soooo watch this space!
Coco Head Cafe
And on a parting note, Izzy has safely made it back to the UK and we are missing her lists already!




  1. It all sounds amazing and upbeat. The preparations sound as though they are going well, especially with all the additional help. Not long to go now before you are off again. This leg should be easier as, looking at the globe, it is all downhill from Hawaii to Samoa! xx

  2. Simon TY says:

    Glad preparations going well. How is the balance between wanting another night’s sleep and just wanting to get on with it ? Can imagine desire to crack on before the body disobeys and the sleep patterns resettle ( can you ever ever in yr lives get seasick again or should you now be immune ? Can Lizanne “prepare” for the seasickness by going sitting offshore for a few hours in the swell ?).

    Must be great sharing this time with yr parents, though which stories to tell ? Which seem hilarious to you, but incomprehensible to outsiders ?

    Anyhow, as if 1000 people havent said so already, well done. I have my daughter G over from Thailand, staying just a few miles away, but her mother forbidding contact………she is on yr Wall, so think of her as you row.

    Think you leave on Sunday. Hope all goes well until then. XX

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