Hello from the Alps

Isabel Burnham By

This week I’m lucky enough to be writing my blog from Chamonix in the French Alps.  I’ve always been happiest when in the mountains and Chamonix is one of my favourite places, so it is great to be out here spending a week off work.  Today we had incredible conditions and great skiing up on the Vallee Blanche below Mont Blanc.  Last time I was here was before the row and it feels really fantastic to be back in the mountains again.  As much as I loved seeing the ocean in all its different lights during the row, I will definitely always be a mountain person, more than an ocean person.

I am here with my family – my parents, two sisters, brother in law, my younger sister’s boyfriend, and my nephew Hugo.  It is wonderful spending some proper time with Hugo.  He is nearly 9 months old now and it seems like a very long time ago that we received a message on our sat phone aboard Doris in the middle of the Pacific saying that he had been born!

Vallee Blanche



  1. Tara says:

    Just a different form of waves.

  2. Isabel says:

    Hi Isabel, I live in Chamonix :). Simon T forwarded your blog today as I have been following you as I am also a BYY coach and am inspired by your enormous goal. My husband is a guide and was on the VB yest. Beautiful day for it.

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