I love being home

This last week at home has been very special. Spending it with my family & friends who have been there for me from the start. A time to say thank you in person for all the support I’ve received and to share with those that have been so influential to me wanting to make it home to Cornwall.

It has been so lovely to spend quality time this week with my parents. They have sat on the sidelines, gone through the emotional roller coaster & many times put on a brave face to support me when it was the last thing they ever wanted to see me do. I love my folks very much and will forever be in debt to the love they have always given to me. Now it’s my time to spoil them!


I got to see a lot of my family this week, which was amazing. Although makes me want zto start up a regular family gathering that’s not just at christmas.


My best friends too were all together for the first time in an age! It was so much fun catching up with them, although after a morning in a soft play with Michelle’s two kids and Sarah’s one, I can safely say that rowing an ocean is less hard work than juggling having 2 children (Michelle you’re my hero!). Meanwhile I got to meet my best friends baby who is called Max & only 3 weeks old you can already see he’ll be fighting the girls off!

So amongst the socialising, eating and drinking, I got to catch up on some X Factor, Greys Anatomy plus watch the beating the Italians got from England Rugby. ‘Twas a perfect week!



  1. This is why I think it’s humbling that when here before all of this enjoying this day in day out became a norm, but coming back after a being so long away, you can appreciate it all over, that renewal in mind, body and spirit, is all encompassing.

    Just pretend to turn a blind eye to what happened to Nick Carter whilst you were away…

  2. Barney says:

    Yes, it is right to acknowledge the support of your parents Laura. As a parent of adult children I have felt for your parents many times throughout the journey. They must have had a rollercoaster emotional journey for 3 years, as the planning stages will not have been much fun for them any more than the days at sea. When I read of your planned adventure back in April 2015 I had plenty of concerns for your safety, and I have no connections with you at all. What must they have gone through, with all the visions of sharks and 40 foot waves. Yes, you have some spoiling to catch up on with them, as the other girls do. Your Dad can wear his slippers any where, any time, in my book!

  3. Babs and Ray says:

    So good spending some quality time with our daughter this last 10 days. Watching her get some very over due rest and relaxation was great, and sharing a mum and daughter time at St Michaels Spa and getting a lovely massage, was just what the Doctor ordered. It was good to see our son and daughter together and spending time as a family with Katie and our little Isla, who just loves her Aunty to bits. The homecoming with the surprise family gathering just topped it off, so so relieved Laura and the girls are now back on firm ground, for now! Xx

  4. Jim Andrews says:

    So nice to hear this human purring. Happy thoughts and warm embraces after a tense period of uncertainty. Enjoy every moment, it is what you all dreamed of, for those long months apart. I like the “for now”, at the end of Babs and Ray’s message. Do you have something to announce?
    Best wishes. XX

    • Ray says:

      Hi, being a physio for Britains Paralympic atheletes Laura is off to Rio next month with colleagues to access the camp facilities etc, unfortunately it means she has to fly economy, she did suggest Business Class but it fell on deaf ears!! I wonder why.


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