Last night in Hawaii


Wow, this week has both dragged on a bit and passed by ridiculously quickly.
The sun has now set on our last day on land and we are busy trying to wrap up our lives on shore and store it away nicely for the next few months.

Our delicious packs of freeze-dried food finally arrived today so we spent most of the day playing Tetris with Doris, trying to fit everything we need for 2 month survival out at sea. Doris is a little magical. It is rather phenomenal what can fit into that tiny gorgeous little boat.

Liz had a go at testing out the hatches… “See, loads of space!”


We promised ourselves a “last swim” in the Hawaiian waves before heading off, but in true fashion we only got home from a day of packing Doris at 10pm. So tomorrow morning first thing Liz and Laura will be putting goggles on for a proper stroke count.

Wrapping up our lives and trying to end it by tying on a bow, here are some things we’d like included in our “ideal last night”:

Natalia: A bubble bath and 8 hours sleep
Emma: Dinner with her gorgeous mum and enough sleep to be less tired when she departs Hawaii than when she arrived
Laura: Dinner with family
Lizanne: Watermelon and a long shower

Hawaii has treated us exceptionally well, and we are sad to say goodbye.
If anyone plans to row across the Pacific I highly recommend popping this place on the list!

We aim to leave tomorrow 28th July 11-12:00 midday Hawaiian time (22-23:00 UK time)

Tonight we will all spare a thought for our near-future selves and appreciate the comfort of a solid foundation.

Cheers Hawaii


Aloha xx



  1. Andy Sloan says:

    Good luck from the team at Walking With The Wounded. We’ll be following you every day on the tracker.

    Enjoy that morning swim and row safe. Every stroke, every mile is generating more awareness and more money for both WWTW and Breast Cancer Care. Thank you.

  2. Jim Andrews says:

    Looking forward to getting back to our routine girls. You know. You do all the hard work, suffer the discomfort, type the daily blog to ensure we are kept fully up to date and all we have to do is read and respond. Enjoy your last few hours, I know you will all be mentally and physically prepared for the return to Doris and the ocean. Our thoughts are with you. Stay safe.XX

  3. ALC says:

    B, J and A wish you all soooo much good luck on your second leg. Good winds, good currents, good weather.
    It was really lovely seeing all of you and wish we were there to wish you bon voyage, but will be thinking of you between 10 and 11 pm our time and seeing Doris going off towards the Ocean in our imagination.
    Good luck, good luck, be safe.

  4. sarah Lee says:

    you go girls,,, looking forward to reading your posts, safe trip xx

  5. Liz Davey says:

    Safe journey girls we will be with you every row of the way and we will look forward to our daily fix of your blogs. Xx

  6. We wish you all a safe journey with the best winds, currents and weather possible. We will be following you and reading the daily blog. xx

  7. Good luck girls, you are all amazing X

  8. With all good wishes for a safe journey to Samoa. We look forward to getting our daily update on your Blog and tracker – can’t wait to see those miles dropping away. Stay safe. xx

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