Leg 2, Day 19 – Doris and us

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Day 19 – Doris and us

The ocean is where I belong. I have always known what it is I have to do. I am beautiful, strong, determined and my sole purpose in life is to protect. I am controlled and powered by the natural elements and by the brave that manually try to guide me. I am always a responsible traveller and I am completely self sufficient. My job is to ride the waves and ensure 6 women successfully accomplish an incredible expedition and travel from one coast to another one making safe passage across the almighty Pacific Ocean. I look after their well being at all times and make sure that they feel safe. We respect one another completely and so my job is a pleasurable one.

I am perfectly suited to whatever conditions I find out here in Oceania and taking each day as it comes, I love listening to the laughter, music and random ramblings that go on around me. Wherever I go I attract friends as I look a little different and I move in an usual way. I am not powered by an engine or by sails and I am silent when I move through the ocean except for the regular sound of 4 oars being pulled through the water.

Birds soar above me and among others, fish, whales, sea turtles and dolphins swim below. Occasionally some birds will stop by and rest for a while and flying fish jump over me, however some land short, and hit me instead.

During the daily tasks the girls give themselves, they check that I am clean and that no water has found its way onto any of my hatches. They spray my solar panels with fresh water and then give me a rub down. They make sure that if I have any problems or aches and pains, that they are solved quickly and effectively. The girls make sure they check my vital organs (batteries) and that my body remains clean, but to be honest their cleaning skills are not their strongest forte! Luckily the waves of the ocean rush across me and bathe me regularly.

I love my environment and being immersed in nature. There’s nothing that makes me feel happier and more alive than the beauty of my surroundings. This journey is a special one for all 7 of us!



I asked the girls 5 questions today relating to Doris and our journey so far.

1. Favourite piece of equipment on Doris
2. Best thing about Doris
3. Worst thing about Doris
4. What you can’t live without on Doris
5. Most memorable moment on Doris

1. Cabin fans
2. How sturdy and safe she feels in the waves

3. Lack of shelter from the heat and the sun
4. Tweasers!!!
5. First swim in the middle of the Pacific and looking down into the deep blue

1. The Iridium Go (for email communication)
2. That at only 29ft she has got everything we need to live for 6 months
3. The heat in the cabins
4. Sudocrem

5. One of the beautiful clear, still starry nights

1. Cabin fans
2. Solbian Solar panels, giving us clean energy
3. Her movement makes me seasick!
4. Sunscreen

5. Swimming in the ocean for the first time

1. Raymarine chart plotter and deck repeater / barbecue tongs (for picking up flying fish!)
2. She’s been one of my most unique homes to date and is allowing me to explore the Pacific
3. You can’t hide from anything! There is never any respite from the elements
4. Talc!
5. Humpback whale breaching only meters away from Doris

After a spectacular sunrise and calm but unbelievably hot day, LP and I were about to do a changeover with Ems and LV when we heard a familiar sound. ‘Was that a whale?’ LP cried. I surveyed the surroundings and low and behold there he was. A huge solitary whale. It casually swam passed us in the distance, regularly surfacing and spurting water out of his blow hole and then gave us a cheeky flick of his tail before disappearing into the depths.
Thank you Oceania and thank you Doris



  1. Jim Andrews says:

    Personal opinion. Best blog yet, loved the fact that Doris has a voice. What will happen to her, post adventure? Your progress is good, your morale is good, you are all fantastic. Keep up the good hard work and the daily reports which are now a big part of my day. Stay safe XX

  2. Ray Penhaul says:

    Beautifully written, well thought out and really imaginative, well done Natalia.

  3. Simon TY says:

    My dearest Doris, you of all keep strong keep safe.

    And keep a journal. We want to hear it all: what have you seen, what have you heard ? What has made you want to tip them out ? What do you do when they cuss you ( as they must have done) ? Why do you keep stealing the jelly babies ? And what do you use the clothes pegs for.

    Keep going dear lady. I hope they are treating you will respect. They are taking you south, where the water in yr bilges will flow clockwise ( or is it the other way) and the stars change.

    Long and safe may be your journey and may the Friggits not crap on you

  4. Christine says:

    Doris, do you think you might come home to Christchurch? We would love to see you moored up by our little boat again!
    Your progress and blog has become the last thing I do every night. Inspirational Women. Xxxx

  5. JG says:

    I wonder if some sort of sunshade for the rowing deck might have been possible especially for the calmer days when the sun is beating down.
    A light but strong frame (offering little resistance to crashing waves) attached to the top of both cabins with a sprung roller on one frame similar to the sunblinds you pull down in the rear windows of some cars. Quick release, for when the swell gets up, and it rolls itself up. Maybe fit something like that in Samoa for the 3rd leg. Great blogpost with more insight into the lives of all on board. Sorry Lizanne still suffers from mal de mer – it’s not unusual. Progress is very impressive – less than 1700 nms to go now. Keep safe – have funhb

  6. Andy says:


    What a girl! Keep them safe.
    Andy x

  7. Karen Denz says:

    Great blog ladies ! I always enjoy reading about your voyage. I am inspired by your courage and determination.

  8. Rob says:



    Be safe ladies…follow you every day!! – Rob

  9. Wendy says:

    HI Ladies,

    Still loving the reads, pleased that the energy of the sea is revitalising you all. I can only imagine the temperature on board especially in the cabins!
    Determination &

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