Leg 2, Day 3 – here we go again…

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Leg 2, Day 3 – here we go again…

As I had no real expectations the first time we headed out in Doris for leg 1, similarly I had no idea what to expect from leg 2. Luckily, I have a huge desire to get to Samoa and so this made getting back on the boat in Hawaii relatively easy. There is something about Western Samoa that draws me. I have a fascination with the culture and this is the one destination out of all of them that I have never visited before. So, it is with this deep motivation that I find myself on Day 3 of the second part of the adventure across Oceania! Woohooooo!!

It has been interesting to see how easily I’ve managed to slip back into the unique daily lifestyle but partnering Lizanne has also opened my eyes to how much of the routine we already automatically take for granted. We mustn’t underestimate the effectiveness of these routines that we took so much time to cultivate and this leg will give us all an opportunity to fine tune what we have already put in place.

The one thing I will never take for granted, however, is the power of the almighty Pacific. Her ever changing nature makes it impossible to do so anyway, and I have no doubt that she will throw us curve balls every step of this journey.

row to hawaii

I’m fascinated to learn about Lizanne’s thoughts and emotions right now. We have discussed it briefly, but I think once her seasickness passes, she will have the opportunity to share her observations more clearly. It must be strange to experience the basic things for the first time alone knowing that we’ve all already been through them before.

So…here we go again. We set off on this voyage with a new energy, new boat dynamics, new route, books, music (we’ve all updated our iPods and the amazing Carroll Cox incredibly generously donated to us his own fully loaded iPod to take with us).

– We were surrounded by a huge flock of varied birds diving and gliding around Doris.

– It’s so unbelievably hot that during our team change overs, everything on the deck is too hot to touch.

– I do believe we’ve got another gobbledegook speaker on the boat!!!



  1. Andy says:

    Glad to hear you have a new desire and new target to reach Natalia. Looking forward to reading some stories from Lizanne about life at sea, once she is better that is.
    You are doing an awesome job ladies.
    Regards Andy x

  2. JG says:

    Poor Lizanne – cursed seasickness and the need to pick up the routines at the same time, and also the heat, must be hard for her. The experience of the rest of the crew will enable her to pick everything up very quickly and once her body has adapted to bouncing about I hope she will enjoy the expedition. I look forward to reading her blogposts. Hopefully hurricane Guillermo passes the other side of Hawaii and does not impinge upon you. Yes Samoa seems fascinating. Thanks to you guys I have been researching the Pacific, Hawaii and Samoa and there is so much to find. Myriads of tiny atolls, many with Japanese and American relics of WW2 littering their shores. Google Earth is a brilliant resource for this.Some of them not too far from your own route

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