Leg 2, Day 49: Pink Pacific Parlour

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Day 49: Pink Pacific Parlour

At night Doris becomes ‘Chez Doris’, by day, Doris is known to be host to the ‘Pink Pacific Parlour’. The floating beauty parlour travelling across the Pacific Ocean. Doris really does have an eclectic array of skills, so I thought I’d introduce you to the wide range of beauty treatments and grooming facilities we have available on board. If you are to ever frequent the beauty parlour aboard Doris, note that the experience is for long stay only of approximate 6 months duration, minimum stay 2 months, with pick up or drop offs in San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Hawaii, Samoa and Cairns. The spa facilities are certainly world class, including salt water bathing, fresh tropical rain showers, cabin sauna and possible natural jacuzzi depending on the storm conditions or what your team mates have recently eaten. Please note, you will need to bring your own clothing and dry towel, plus be prepared to be coated in a thick layer of UVA protecting moisturiser, for the duration of your stay.

Here is the list of available treatments…..


Self waxing: Doris is a proud distributor of Veet waxing strips also available for sensitive skin. There are a plethora of sizes to account for all body areas where required.

Express hair removal:An alternative option to waxing is that of a razor.

Eyebrow shape: tweezers and a small handheld mirror make this possible and keep any slugs at bay.

Whilst it is deemed sexy and manly for a man to grow a beard on his ocean crossing, for a female to grow leg, underarm or bikini line, I can’t imagine we’d receive the same response. I had planned to wax my legs on reaching the equator hoping this would have been around 4weeks, now after 7 the furry animals would certainly challenge those legs of any male. So being rather repulsed by them, I figured they had to go, so I opted for a full leg wax with Veet self strips followed by a soothing aloe Vera balm.

Hair wash and air blow dry

There are 2 available options here for the process to which the hair is washed:
– salt water rinse: this involves leaning over the side of the boat and immersing the head in the sea to first wet the hair. Following this the shampoo can be applied and massaged into the scalp, before using the drinks bottle to rinse the soap suds away with clean water.

– fresh water immersion: with a half filled bucket of clean, fresh water, you can dunk your head into the bucket with a snug fit (advisable not to do in stormy sea states for risk of getting stuck). The shampoo process is then the same as above.

Once clean, the hair is brushed with a ‘tangle teaser’ (amazing brush!), then there is an opportunity to be taught how to French plait your own hair by the others onboard.

Skin treatments:
For the derrière, the following step by step process is advisable:

  1. A lavage with fresh, desalinated water
  2. Rest time to air dry
  3. application of a soothing Sudacrem balm
  4. sitting on a lanolin, filled fresh sheep skin for 2hrs
  5. application of a wet wipe
  6. a dusting with Johnsons talcum powder infused with Aloe Vera and vitamin E.

Salt water exfoliation
Once doused in a salt water splash, it’s left to dry in the residual sun which will then leave the salt deposits for skin exfoliation.

Tanning options
For the look equivalent to that of Ross from ‘Friends’ when he accidentally has x4 strength 8 spray tans on his front only, then simply rowing for the x4 day shifts should suffice. For tanning of the back of the legs and derrière, unfortunately options are limited to land based only.

Manicure/ Pedicure:
We specialise in the ‘102 year old’ hand look. The way this is developed is through:
– rowing for 2hrs in torrential rain and salt water dumps
– washing clothes in the bucket and then wringing them out to exfoliate the calluses To treat, pat dry the hands and feet, then apply copious amounts of talc powder.

Fish pedicure: Sitting on the side of the boat, allow the feet to rest in the water while the small fish of the sea rise up and nibble away at the dead skin. NB. Small risk is that something larger rises from the sea and you lose more than just deadskin on the sole.

A birthday parlour hamper:
This includes a casing of a zip lock bag within which are the following essentials:

  • flannel
  • handheld mirror
  • tweezers
  • nail clippers
  • sudocreme
  • talcum powder
  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • tangle teaser hair brush
  • Elizabeth Arden 8hr cream

For those interested in a spa experience aboard the Pink Pacific Parlour, please contact doris@coxlesscrew.com to share your interest.


Same old same old aboard Doris today. The wind is ESE approximately 12knots and the current is westerly approximately 1.0knot, we are able to hold a 240degree course at an average of 1.5knots, so slowly but surely the mileage towards the equator is ticking away.
Keep your eyes out for the launch of our documentary film trailer ‘Loosing Sight of Shore’ by the amazing Director Sarah Moshman. We have yet to see this new trailer, so we will wait to hear from you what it’s like.



  1. Simon TY says:

    Too much information. Really girls, tales of the grooming suite stay in the grooming suite. Or do you want to know about my toe nail trimmings and nasal hair ?

    I had assumed all thoughts of female glamour would have long since been lost and four hairy Robyn Crusoe were adrift in the Doldrums like four Hydra.

    Well, if the Doldrums are glamorous, try RotherhAm for the day. Throw in a meeting in Derby, then Peterborough, and I can match you for glamour every time. Meant to go walking in Peak Distrcit after meetings today, but pissing rain put me off. Would have been wallowing in groughs on Kinder Scout ( I know, you have more rain, in a more exposed way, but I am a southern softie).

    The equator must be like El Dorado, a nearly mythical thought. it IS getting closer. You are now south of Kiritibati ( you seemed stuck near Fanning for ages). The currents will pick up, the wind will change and Blue Whales will fly.

    Btw I love the Oreo game. But, getting in the mouth is one thing. Then you describe halving, inverting in mouth, taking cream off one side, etc etc. Super women indeed.

    Hope you can keep cheery. Xxxx

  2. Jim Andrews says:

    You would be forgiven for being a tad hirsute, given that in a few weeks you will have rowed the best part of 5000 miles. Full credit to you that you can laugh and see fun in so much, that would cause the majority of us to crumble and concede defeat. I was surprised how fresh and remarkably well groomed you were on arrival in Hawaii, I am sure you will arrive in Samoa looking just as gorgeous. I really enjoyed the trailer to “Losing sight of Shore” and can’t wait to see the whole thing. Progress appears to be improving, so something to smile about, England are hopefully preparing to win the Rugby World Cup???? My loyalty will be split between Rugby and Rowing for the next few weeks. Whatever the outcome, I will remember the summer of 2015 as the year I watched a group of courageous young women take on the mighty Pacific Ocean. Stay Safe

  3. Kathy Butler says:

    Love reading your blog Laura, you’re all doing so well, keep up the good work. Please, please tell me someone has brought some conditioner for the poor dried out hair. Glad to hear you’re making progress now. We’re all sending our love from sunny Cornwall xx

  4. kim says:

    your parlour sounds fab!!!!

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