Leg 2, Day 90 – Breast Cancer Care

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Leg 2, Day 90 – Breast Cancer Care

This leg of our journey has been a particularly tough one and today marks 30 days since our expected arrival date in Samoa and needless to say we are still not there. We have been incredibly inspired by the stories from women, both friends and strangers who have shared their Pacific with us and this has been particularly poignant coming from those supported by Breast Cancer Care. In the tough times it is the sharing of these stories which puts into perspective a few waves and adverse currents and reminds us why we have taken on this challenge. We want to support and make a difference to those women who are facing and overcoming adversity in their daily lives which they have not chosen to take on. All of us in the Coxless Crew and almost everyone we know has had their lives touched by Cancer. One in four women suffers from breast cancer and therefore the support that Breast Cancer Care provide touches the lives of a huge number of women and their friends and families. We wanted to be sure that we knew exactly where the money we raised for this charity was going and after learning more about the different services which they provide we decided as a team that we would like to contribute to the Younger Women Together program since as we are all young women this was close to our hearts.

Younger Women Together is for women aged 20-45 who have been diagnosed with primary breast cancer in the last three years. Although breast cancer is less common in younger women with around  5,600 diagnoses in women under 45 every year these women have different needs, worries and responsibilities to deal with. In particular issues surrounding fertility and the challenges of dealing with a young family alongside their diagnosis.

Younger Women Together run two day events which take place on a Friday and Saturday, with all food and accommodation provided free.  They give the women who attend the chance to talk and share stories with others in the same position as themselves, away from the pressures of their everyday lives. A group of experts and specialists in the field are also in attendance and topics such as treatment, fertility, sex & intimacy, reconstruction, relationships (present or future), lymphoedema, healthy eating and exercise are all discussed with plenty of opportunities for questions to be answered. The events have been hugely successful and “every woman who joined us last year said they would recommend it, and many have made lasting friendships. The next Younger Women Together event is on 20 November in Bristol. For more information visit the Breast Cancer Care website at https://www.breastcancercare.org.uk/information-support/support-you/local-support/younger-women-together

If you would like to help us meet our fundraising target of £250k and make a difference to women facing and overcoming breast cancer and those women injured at war then please visit our Virgin Money Giving page to donate.

UPDATE: We have just passed the 200nm to go to Samoa mark! Woop woop! We are still battling with the ocean every stroke to try to hold course for Samoa and our date with a shower, a proper bed and some real food. Fernando came to join the party again yesterday and Nat and I considered what would happen if he was washed onto the deck in one of the huge waves crashing towards us…..



  1. Jim Andrews says:

    I think Fernando would be happier staying where he is but if he does happen to land in Doris, stay away from the pointy end. I am getting excited for you all, I know there is still a lot of work to do but, compared to what you have already achieved, the end of this leg is extremely close. Well done all of you, a few more days, then big smiles. Stay safe. XX

  2. Sarah says:

    Thank you so much for your support for Breast Cancer Care. We hugely appreciate it and are incredibly proud of all you’re achieving with the row. Your determination and passion is clear and you’ve overcome so much already. We know you can do this. Keep going girls! We’re all behind you.

  3. kim says:

    keep up the good progress girls. at this rate you’re going to make it to samoa in time to support New Zealand in the final…

  4. Simon TY says:

    Well done highlighting all the work of Breast Cancer Care. My cousin Georgina looks down on you with pride and thanks. She died younger than any of you, leaving two girls under 5. You are an amazing example of Younger Women Together

  5. Sonya says:

    Well done you amazing ladies! We are excited to welcome you into Apia. Keep going, you are so close now! Xxx

  6. Simon TY says:

    Laura thought of you as just listened to interview with Kadeena Cox. From what I gathered, a promising sprinter diagnosed a year ago with MS. A year ago unable to walk, yet alone sprint 10m. Just broken World Record at IPC Games at Doha. Have no idea if you have worked with her, but someone who has worked so hard to get there.


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