Leg 3, Day 2 – Cairns we’re a comin’

Meg Dyos By

Cairns we’re a coming

11:30am on Tuesday morning the 4 of us jumped into Doris and headed off into the Pacific. The general question of the morning it seemed was ‘meg how are you feeling?’ – a difficult question when there’s a hundred different emotions running through my head! All in all though excitement was the answer I gave along with expressing how lucky I feel to have been given this opportunity to join the girls!

Having had a rowing lesson from Ems 2 days prior to our departure and then commencing the third leg of our journey on the oars with Ems was a bit surreal, all good though and between the four of us and the help of currents we managed to get up to 3 knots!

As I write this I am lying in the aft cabin writing each sentence between bouts of nausea – Still no physical sea sickness though which is brilliant! I’m learning so much about Doris and the way she moves through the swell, but also how the girls run like clockwork with their routines – it’s awesome and I can’t think of better people to travel in Doris with!

My first night shift on Doris was pretty much the same as daytime but in complete darkness, not even a moon! At 11pm, 30 minutes before me and Ems were due to get onto the oars, we heard Laura telling us to phone Tony and find two boats on our AIS as they had appeared out of nowhere with no lights and men were in the water by the oars with snorkels on. They told us that they were fishermen, and just fishing, Tony backed this up that this is quite possible as we were in really shallow water between two islands. So off we rowed and never saw them again – what we do know though is that LP can grab a flare within 30 seconds!

Update: woohoo we travelled 50 miles yesterday, and have also now lost sight of shore! Trade winds we are a fan of you!



  1. jim Andrews says:

    Welcome Meg, I hope the nausea subsides and the trade winds continue to assist. I imagine you will see quite a lot of activity, fishing boats etc, in the next few weeks, as you wend through quite a few Pacific Islands. You describe night and day being the same, which is something I hadn’t thought of before. Your shift pattern, of course just continues from A to B so day and night do not come in to the equation, except for visibility. The mere thought of those two hour shifts makes me tired. I hope conditions continue to favour and you all have a fantastic final chapter to this enthralling story. Rather than seeing the huge distance ahead, you can now genuinely count down the miles to Cairns, there is, however a fair bit of rowing to do meanwhile. Stay safe. XX

  2. Welcome to the Journey Meg!!!

    Whats been the best tips the ladies have shared with you, or what were ones that most surprised you?

  3. Barney says:

    Way to go Meg, mind over matter! Feeling queezy – write a blog! 50 nm is a great start and we have never heard of 3 knots before! Must be down to the magical effects of Samoa, sending you off on a tidal bore.

  4. At last! I have so been so excitedfor you and have been looked forward to reading your first blog Meg. Great news that you have all done so well on your last leg already. Hope the nausea goes away soon.

  5. JG says:

    Well done Meg. I think the team is lucky to have you as well. Great blogpost – your excitement is tangible. Does Doris have navigation lights I wonder? I suspect you will see more traffic on this leg which is a mixed blessing. Nice to come across other folk but just hope that they don’t provide any hazards. Keep safe

  6. Penny says:

    Go Megatron. The extra power must be coming from you. Your Zest for life is intoxicating . . Will follow your journey all the way. Take care.

  7. pete mewton says:

    Great to get a good start.well done Meg you seem to have slipped right into the CC groove. A natural. Wow tho, those divers appearing mustve been …
    Favourable wind & good rowing.

  8. Ray.P says:

    Great first blog Meg, now were all waiting to see if you will become the 3rd night time gobbledygooker. Keep your fingers crossed Emma and Natalia if you’re lucky when you go for a sleep you may be able close your eyes knowing that Meg’s keeping an eye on Laura if your unlucky give Fernando a shout he’ll keep the pair of them awake!! Great start girls, now back to normal at home with Mum saying when I wake her up “how fast are they going” followed by “morning”!!

  9. MB says:

    What a fantastic start Meg – great blog Most unlike you to keep it short!!

    Good-bye land and hello to the big blue. Hope she breathes gently and helps you make safe passage.

    Enjoy every moment, you inspirational crew! Watching and following with enormous admiration.
    Xx MB

  10. Simon TY says:

    Welcome aboard Meg. Looks like you have got off to a flyer. Hope that the winds and current keep you moving. Hope the nausea settle down. Presumably the others are once again susceptible for a while ?

    Well done all of you. Amazing turn around in Samoa. Sounds like the place really lifted you. I am making this up, but a sea going nation like Samoa would have greater respect for all you have achieved than say Andorra ?

    News here ? Lancaster stood down as coach. Burgess has headed back to League in Oz. IAAF under immense pressure as calls for a ban on Russia at the Olympics.

    Anyone caught a fish yet, or did the enthusiasm wane with Lizanne ?

    Lots of love STY

  11. Robert says:

    Tradewinds + Meg + a refreshed Emma, Laura & Natalia seems to be working wonders for your course & speed! Fiji in 9 days if you can keep going like you are … Don’t catch fish, it attracts sharks & if you want to keep up your speed you need to make sure Doris has a squeaky clean bottom! 3 knots, wow …

  12. Esther B says:

    Welcome aboard Meg and thanks for a wonderful first blog. You seem to be taking it all in your stride and I hope the nausea goes away soon. You are off to a flying start and let’s hope this continues all the way to Cairns! Keep up the good work girls xxx

  13. Meggy! You amazing lady, can’t believe you are finally aboard Doris. What a great adventure and I can’t wait to follow you every step of the way. The ‘finding Dory’ movie trailer came out today, very fitting! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. Xx

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