Leg 3, Day 35 – Doris is coming home

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Day 35 – Doris is coming home

Some of you may have noticed on our social media that, thanks to Transglobal Express, we can confirm that Doris will be coming home with us to the UK! A huge thanks to Izzy and our sponsors who have all been working hard to see if anyone could help us to get her home. After having an unexpected detour to Santa Barbara in the first month and our expedition now nearly 9 months rather than the planned 6, our contingency budget has been exhausted. Combined with having lost our shipping sponsor prior to leaving and having that unexpected spend, we unfortunately knew that we lacked the funds to get her home and if it wasn’t for Transglobal Express, we would have had to leave her in Australia for sale. Thankfully, Anton Bowring of the Transglobe Expedition Trust (one of our top supporters – see Izzy’s blog from Leg 1), put Izzy in touch with Lawson Archer of Transglobal Express and it was from here that they kindly offered to fully fund the shipment. Transglobal Express offer freight services, parcel delivery and international couriers, so basically can send anything anywhere in the world, including a 29ft, 1 tonne, pink ocean rowing boat! We are so happy and grateful to have them on board, supporting our challenge and bringing Doris home.

doris into sea

So many of you have asked what next with Doris? Certainly in the first couple of months after her arrival back to the UK, we would like to host a couple of events where you, and certain schools interested, can come to see Doris and have a guided tour. After this, with outstanding costs for the remainder of the expedition, we unfortunately will have to sell her and the remainder of funds will go to our charities. That is unless there are any sponsors out there that would love to see Doris homed in a museum such as the Maritime Museum in Falmouth, Cornwall, where she could potentially be housed in the ‘women at sea’ section? Maybe then her legacy can live on for years to come. Doris without a doubt has been our solid 7th member of the team, she’s stoic, resilient and persistent to battle through the waves and wind, totally in keeping with our team ‘spirit’ values. If anyone is interested in investing in Doris for future use, then costing and detail of full equipment listing etc. will be drawn up on completion of our row and once Doris has made it safely back to the UK. For any enquiries prior to this, please contact info@coxlesscrew.com.

At this precise moment, I’m feeling rather guilty. Nat and I are sitting inside our cozy cabin with Christmas lights flashing and tucking into our noodles and shepherds pie, whilst Meg and Ems are out on the oars weathering one of the most intense rain and thunder storms we’ve seen since the doldrums. I guess at least they’re getting a good wash! Although I’ve just looked out of the cabin to see the pair of them now rowing whilst wearing snorkel masks! Hilarious sight to see.


In our shift prior, Nat and I spotted something grey/brown in the water, slightly smaller than Fernando but possibly his son, so we’ve named our new sharky ‘Alonso’.

Otherwise, as you’ve no doubt seen, our progress once again has been slowed. I’m not going to lie, at this stage in the game we should be accustomed to it, but with Christmas around the corner any delays are becoming rather frustrating.



  1. Simon TY says:

    It is a sad thought that Doris’ future is uncertain. Would she prefer to help others through a mind boggling row ? Be nanny to a bunch of other mad people ? An ignominious end , unwanted seems so very very sad. What does she want ?

    The miles are counting down, hopefully by the end of the week into just three figures ?

    Hope that you having a good day. Max is three: he has two favourite jokes. What wobbles in the sky ? A Jellycopter. And then, what is a crocodiles favourite game ? Snap. A three year old takes enormous pride in remembering and telling jokes !!

    Be safe


  2. JG says:

    By the time you read this you will be half way between Samoa and Cairns and the speed seems to be picking up again. Good for TransGlobal Express – no small undertaking that. Clearly your expedition and the way you have tackled it has inspired people and well done Isabel for energising the support. Keep an eye on Alonso, probably a shifty type with a dodgy agenda.
    A Ronnie Corbett joke: A cement mixer has collided with a prison van. Police have warned the public to look out for 16 hardened criminals.
    Keep safe girls – home soon now.

  3. Barney says:

    Issy would be having kittens! Look at the “stuff” on deck in the second photo! I know girls multi-task and I have no idea which of the girls is nearest to the camera, but looks as if she is preparing for a baking session out there on the oars.

  4. Mike S. says:

    I am pretty sure people will want to see Doris end up in a deserved role back in blighty after all her effort – which is a better ending than ‘ Happy Socks ‘ Sarah Outen’s doomed boat that was left to battle the atlantic storms alone after her rescue.

  5. Jim Andrews says:

    I think your suggestion Laura, of the Maritime Museum in Falmouth, is spot on. There was a well known fact that “while , in the Army” if you wanted something to happen, you should start a rumour, then the rumour would spread, become believed, then happen. So, isn’t it great news, that the Falmouth Maritime Museum is going to exhibit Doris in the “Women at Sea” section……
    One day at a time. First it is great that Transglobal express are bringing this iconic little pink boat with a big history, home. What happens after that could depend on public pressure?
    As I type this today, it is less than one hour before our very own, Major Tim Peake blasts off to make another piece of British history, by being the first British Astronaut to take up residency in the International Space Station. My best wishes to him for a safe mission. My best wishes to you for a safe and speedy conclusion to your record breaking, history making, epic row across the Pacific. I hope your remaing hours on the oars can remain snorkel free,and that, angry bum claw hand and calluses are all bearable. You have maintained the most commendable sense of humour, purpose and professionalism from the very start having endured much. Stay safe. XX

  6. pete mewton says:

    I could not believe it if The Maritime Museum didn’t want to house Doris after your epic history making voyage. Reckon every Cornwall resident CC supporter should go down there and ” plant the seed of the rumour! Goods news that her homcoming is at least assured.
    Looks like another tough leg continues but not the mearest dent in you indominatable confidence and determination.
    You hardly need our encouragement but you have it anyway.
    Row on row on with hope in your hearts and youll never row alone! (As the song geos).
    Keep safe. Keep snorkelling!
    )Think the next sharky should be called Fergel.btw).

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