Leg 3, Day 65 – The Freaky Wave


Day 65 – The Freaky Wave

We’re aware that many of our followers aren’t on Twitter and so we want to share with you some of the awesome cartoons that The Freaky Wave have been doing EVERY DAY since about half way through the second leg! Here are a couple of our favourites. You can see them all on twitter (@thefreakywave) or more on their website: www.thefreakywave.com

Thanks for the support! =)

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Update: last night LP and Megs were on the oars under a blanket of incredible stars when suddenly at 10:15am UTC a massive shining green light that travelled like a shooting star for a good few seconds zoomed across the sky! It left us completely mesmerised. We are thinking that it could possibly have been a meteorite and flew at approximately 120 degrees south east in the sky. If anyone has any ideas what this could have been we would love to hear them! In other news, we are still rowing.



  1. Freakywave drawings are great.
    Seems other people saw the green light from land… But weren’t sure what it was either. Found this report online:
    Katrina (not verified) on Thu,
    14/01/2016 – 01:31
    Falling meteor – starting red, becoming green, blue flash end
    At approximate 10:30pm (EST) seen over Port Lincoln, South Australia, I saw a falling bright meteor-like trail that started as a thin red light, then became green as it continued to fall and faded out in a flash of blue. Falling towards the north-west. Did anyone else see anything similar around this same time?

    Safe rowing xx

  2. JG says:

    At 10.05 pm on Wed Jan 13 the ISS was scheduled to be visible from Woomera S. Australia for approx 1 minute at 12 degrees. Perhaps this is what you saw. There are timings all along the East Coast of Oz.

    See: http://spotthestation.nasa.gov/home.cfm

    Interesting site.

    Keep safe and take care.

  3. SImon TY says:

    Just watched the amazing CNN footage. Well done. The presenter properly in awe of what you are achieving. Well done, CNN, another presumably 10m heard the story !!!!

  4. Jim Andrews says:

    I loved the cartoons, must look at their site. UFO stuff. I had the sad duty of being involved with the “Herald of Free Enterprise” tragedy in March 1987. I had to drive to Zeebrugge from Moenchengladbach. As I exited the Kennedy Tunnel near antwerp, a bright green light zipped over head from behind us. It was going incredibly fast and it was evident that it was very high and not a conventional aircraft. The odd thing was, it turned right without appearing to slow down then dissapeared! I have been perplexed ever since, there was never anything reported on it (that I saw) and I was fearful of telling people because, being perceived as a nutter, isn’t nice.
    I missed the CNN bit but will watch it on catchup. I hope you are all coping with sore hands bums etc and morale is on the rise as you get closer and closer to your finish line. You have made a lot of people very proud through varied association with you. Your families and loved ones must be beaming with pride, presumeably, most will now be in Cairns studying the horizon for that little pink dot. Stay safe. XX

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