Leg 3, Day 76 – Best laid plans


Day 76 – Best laid plans

We are “nearly” there! Still!

It has been an exhausting and emotional few days as we make our approach to land. We expected last night to be our final one on Doris and to reach Australia this evening but the Pacific has other ideas with strong southerly currents and the wind turning against us. Best laid plans and all that. We have been told that our last chance is to row like we’ve never rowed before and make it to Cairns tomorrow morning. Now is the time to dig deep and draw on all of our mental, physical and emotional strength and the strength of support that everyone is sending us via email every time we head to the cabin to rest.

The last 8500nm don’t matter anymore, it is all about these last 20. It’s fair to say that with physical exhaustion, sleep deprivation and a lack of savoury food we are being tested to our limits. However this is where we draw on our SPIRIT, row hard, row strong, row together.

IMG_0379 (1)

Photo credit: Sarah Moshman, Losing Sight of Shore




  1. Tara says:

    The darkest hour is before the dawn.
    Row ladies, row.
    Roar ladies, ROAR!!!
    B R A V O !!!!!!!!

  2. Helen says:

    Come on girls you can do it,
    ROW ROW Row the boat.

  3. Christine says:

    The irony girls!
    Having rowed all that way you need to avoid that bit of land!
    With you every pull. Xxxx

  4. Allen says:

    Well done for navigating through the reef. Looking at the local forecast, the wind is due to change in the next couple of days and will even give you a push to the West. Although it is frustrating not to hit your targets, don’t give up. You have got plenty of reserves and have proved yourselves time and time again to have the stamina and perseverance to overcome these challenges.

    You will also have your supporters to hand and also be in sight of land.. Lots of psychological advantages!

    Although it must be very hard work to battle against these adversities, please do your best to enjoy the last few days at sea.

    A bit of poetry!

    The winds of adversity can make you low.
    The storms of tribulation can make you slow.
    Despite tough bouts, precious towel do not throw.
    Just be confident, your big dreams do not blow.

    Do not feel down, just compose yourself and act.
    Just specify and fill the areas that you lack.
    To your dreams remove things that hinder and block.
    Apply patience and courage, but fear subtract.

    Ask His favor, the ‘Mighty One’ you address.
    Solve things wisely and monitor your progress.
    ‘I’ll hurdle this problems’, this boldly confess.
    Despite trials, set your sails towards success!

    Bim Galimba

  5. You will be rowing on pure adrenalin in this final stretch and with 8500 nm behind you will smash it. Enjoy every tiny second of this last day, I’m sure each of you will be hungry for the next challenge but you will never repeat this awesome Pacific crossing.

  6. Denise says:

    Have followed your journey after saw ref from S. Outen’s blog, and enjoyed reading your exploits. The last bit of any journey seems to take forever but it makes arriving all the better. You’ll have so much to write and talk about and have experienced things we mere mortals just dream about. Be proud, be focused and be happy in these last, frustrating miles. You’ve achieved something amazing.

  7. Jim Andrews says:

    Sorry you are unable to have the finish you wanted and deserve. The conditions seem to have let you down regularly from the start. You are still going to get a wonderful reception from families and supporters and global acclaim at your superb achievement. I just keep watching those pink dots drawing ever closer. I hope, when I get up for work tomorrow morning at 05:30 that the final pink dot is at Cairns. Stay strong, Smile on that final mile and stay safe. XX

  8. Jan R says:

    How exciting, girls! It would have been boring to “just” be arriving, the Almighty Pacific needed to have some last surprise in store before it is fully conquered!

    Don’t despair, this is the very last stretch and we are all with you wishing you all the best and hoping to read about your arrival as early as tomorrow!

    Keep safe for this last stretch!



  9. Simon TY says:

    As I type you might even have made landfall. What a mega mega achievement. Unbelievable. Hugs all round, and tears of joy at yr achievemnt , and tears of joy that it is all over !!

    Lots of love Awesome x

  10. JG says:

    The barrier reef is a pig. But you are not beaten – just knocked slightly off course , touch down on the sands of Turtle Bay to complete your journey and then off to Cairns where everyone is waiting for you. Congratulations on a job well done indeed!!.

  11. Simon TY says:

    The map showed you offshore 40 mins ago, I guess waiting for dawn ? I think sunrise is 6am so it must be pretty light already. Is there a member of the support crew awake who can tweet, post, shout, scream LANDED “………..we are all in suspense. Pleeeeeese.

  12. Christine says:

    I see you babies, turning that boat around, turning that boat around!
    At least I think that’s what you are doing- maybe its’s the only sensible thing four determined women could do in the circumstances!

  13. sarah lee says:

    WEre all rowing with you,, xx

  14. Last push – go for it! xxxxxxx

  15. You’ve done it!! Congratulations!! So proud of you all! xxxxxxx

  16. Jim Andrews says:

    The little pink dot appears to be on the beach, from 06:45 local, 20:45 UK Time? Congratulations you phenomenal ladies. You did it. XXX

  17. YES! So pleased for you and full of admiration.

  18. Many many congratulations to you all! What a fantastic achievement – enjoy all that the next few hours brings!!

  19. Kim says:

    If leonie and Jim’s post are official that’s just wonderful!!! Well done girls. So inspiring. I hope the celebrations on land are everything you all deserve.

  20. Yes, just had a message from Laura’s father confirming that they have landed in Australia!

  21. Well done all!! we are so proud of you!
    Looking forward to seeing Natalia soon

  22. Just seen previous message from Leonie where she says Ray
    confirmed you have landed. Many congratulations on your amazing achievement. So delighted for you all.
    But I am now confused as see your pink dots going back out!!
    Are you still rowing or getting a tow round to to Cairns?
    Looking forward to seeing photos of your landing.
    Enjoy your reunions xxx

  23. Simon TY says:

    Congratulations, a million million congratulations. All,of you were not concentrating in Georgraphy lessons: the world is quite big. Its biggest Ocean is the Pacific.

    Stunning, amazing achievement. Hope you already had he first burger

  24. Esther B says:

    Yes! Wow! Amazing! I see Doris made landfall and you have finally done it! I am beyond impressed at what you have all achieved and cannot wait to see some photos/footage of your triumphant arrival. I’m sure you can tell from all the messages from your fans and followers what a moment this is – we feel like we have been with you for this entire journey and I feel relief and joy for you all. WELL DONE TO LAURA, NATALIA, EMMA, IZZY, LIZANNE AND MEG AND A BIG THANK YOU TO DORIS FOR KEEPING OUR GIRLS SAFE XXXXXXX

  25. Hi Laura congratulations to you and the crew for completing such an amazing journey very proud of you all.Enjoy your well deserved celebrations. Love to you and your mum and dadxxxx

  26. TaniaB says:

    Wow! I see you’ve landed. A Massive CONGRATULATIONS!!! So please for you all x

  27. Congratulations to you and all of the team and to Doris for her part. A truly remarkable achievement. Our love and good wishes to you all and also to your very relieved and very proud families. xxxxx

  28. Oh those last zig zag miles!! you made it to OZ. Brilliant. Just waiting up to see the dot into the marina and then the pictures!!!! Love to everyone xxxx

  29. JG says:

    Looks like the link up was successful followed by a short spell of 7 kts around Grafton Point. I see speed has dropped again now as you enter the rivermouth I wonder if you are doing the last couple of miles under your own steam?
    Fabulous job girls – just amazing.

  30. Anna C says:

    Absolutely amazing! What a fantastic achievement. Laura had a dream and you all made it come true. Well done to all six of you. Post the pics of the landing soon.
    Anna C and Marius x

  31. bob peplow says:

    Congratulations ladies. You have achieved your goal and should be so proud of yourselves. All hardship and tears were worth it in the end. Lots of love from Rob Lindsey Emma Simon and Bailee xxxxxx

  32. Simon TY says:

    Jim, JG, all others……bereft. What are we meant to do tonight ? No dot to look out for…..no blog to wait for ( I hope we do get an update tomorrow……how many burgers, how many beers, who fell over first, all the important stuff).

    But what to do now ? I’ll have to get a life…….

    • Jim Andrews says:

      My sentiments exactly, I picked up my laptop hoping for a bit of an update! Nothing! It’s almost like they are taking a day off? 🙂
      I am appalled at the absence of coverage on the BBC evening news, not even a mention?
      If you are conscious ladies, I hope the recovery has started and you have had a bit of rest. As you can see, you have not been deserted. X

      • Barney says:

        Keith needs to do a job on the blog watchers to manage withdrawal symptoms! Been combing the Google references but they all write the same thing. Good photo of the family members in the Cairns Post!

    • JG says:

      Simon. Jim.

      I still check the site, facebook and twitter each day. No doubt the girls are swept off their feet at the moment and dont have time to think. Seeing the people that they are they will soon come down to earth and begin the process of rehabilitation and take on the next challenge of fundraising for their two very fortunate charities.

      Good article in the Mail today.

      Meanwhile – yep – where to focuys the attention next?


    • JG says:

      Simon. Jim.

      I still check the site, facebook and twitter each day. No doubt the girls are swept off their feet at the moment and dont have time to think. Seeing the people that they are they will soon come down to earth and begin the process of rehabilitation and take on the next challenge of fundraising for their two very fortunate charities.

      Good article in the Mail today.

      Meanwhile – yep – where to focus the attention next?


  33. An amazing, unbelievable achievement girls ……. We are at sea on a 150000 tonne cruise ship in the Southern Atlantic heading for Rio and looking out to sea we can only wonder at the momentous journey you have undertaken in the 29 foot Doris and you’ve cracked it!!!!!!!!!! Many many congratulations to you all. You should make 24th January ‘Coxless Crew Day’ and celebrate it altogether every year……
    Enjoy Australia…………

  34. They were on the lunchtime BBC news including Laura’s mum. Disappointing that there was nothing this evening but bad news always seems to attract more coverage and the sad death of Henry Worsley was covered. Very glad that “our” adventurers arrived safely.
    I wonder how many of us are checking just in case we get an update?
    It is going to take a while isn’t it?!

  35. Esther B says:

    I know! I have automatically clicked on the blog for my daily update/fix; I vote they row back to the UK….. ;))

  36. The lack of pink dot daily updates is certainly leaving a huge gap in our lives! I am also missing the regular daily bloggers e.g. JG, Simon TY, Jim Andrews etc. It’s been nice knowing you and I have enjoyed reading your comments over the past 9+ months. With best wishes. Leonie

    PS I was privileged to be able to speak to Laura on the phone yesterday – my first encounter with a Celebrity!

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