Media whirlwind!


Wow, what a few days it has been. We have been imagining arriving into Cairns for a long time and hoped there would be some media interest but we NEVER anticipated quite so much attention! From the UK and Australia, to the US and all the way across Europe, we have even been approached by Korean and Japanese news stations for an interview!!

Photo Jan 25, 11 11 24 AM


We really have a big thank you to say to our PR team at Carver PR who have been working around the clock getting us coverage and have managed to arrange for us to be on The One Show next Wednesday evening followed by Lorraine on Thursday morning! So keep your eyes peeled and tune in!

Sarah Moshman director and producer of our documentary film, Losing Sight Of Shore, has also been busting a gut getting footage throughout the week and her PR team, SmartHouse Creative, has generated so much coverage too across America. It really has been phenomenal. Sarah has left Australia now to head back to the US to get started on the documentary….we can’t wait!!!

And if you haven’t managed to see, here is some of that coverage….


Metro DailyMail



BBC Cornwall –

‘Behind the scenes’ –

British female rowing crew make history with Pacific crossing – The Guardian –

Joy as Coxless Crew complete their 9,200 mile Pacific Ocean row – The Daily Mail –

Coxless Crew becomes first all-female team to row Pacific Ocean after nine months at sea  – The Daily Telegraph –

Coxless Crew: British female rowing team complete record-breaking journey across Pacific – The Independent – –

And that is just the tip of the iceberg!!



  1. TaniaB says:

    Great news that you are getting so much media coverage. Decidedly deserved!

  2. Barney says:

    Many thanks for the videos. Loved the one from the school. Living in Hong Kong we don’t get much coverage from Redruth! Wow, those hands will need some TLC!

  3. Ray Penhaul says:

    Proper job to, that’s Cornish for well done

  4. helen says:

    You deserve all the media coverage and more. What you have achieved is amazing. Words are not enough. Hopefully with all this coverage the donations will fly in.

  5. Simon TY says:

    Poor media. Still wearing those smelly T shirts. Hope you have had a chance to wash them.

    Well done. It must all be rather disorientating. Hope you are enjoying it. I know you are rushed off your feet. Would love comment on sleep, eating, (indigestion ?), whether you all four sharing a cupboard at the hotel. Laura still spouting gobbledygook ? Do you wake up, jump up and put on yr wet weather gear before realising where you are ? Can you get a half empty water bed to replicate the swell ?

    Poor Doris, does not get to do the interviews. Blimey she did you well, looked after you, protected you, carried you. Arise Dame Doris.

    I hope you all, all six, wake up with a smug smile of immense pride, lie in bed and giggle to yourselves at the enormity of what you have achieved. The whole of the rest of your lives you can be the most mind boggling “When Is”…….when I rowed across the Pacific !!!

  6. Mike S. says:

    Amazing girls you deserve all the admiration. Well done Laura my ansome, proper job see you back home dreckly.

  7. Jim Andrews says:

    No more than you deserve ladies. I have just sat and enjoyed all the links you provided. I surmise that your time in Australia must be coming to an end, hopefully you have been allowed the time and space to recover your thoughts and rest those bodies? I am gradually weaning myself off the daily blog obsession but am very grateful for the updates. I now have to prepare myself for my next mini obsession, The Six Nations! My lovely Lady has booked a trip to Rome for Valentines weekend and tickets to the England v Italy Match. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am by that, but I will add, nothing has held my attention and admiration for so long as you amazing 7 girls (includes Doris of course) and your fantastic voyage of courage and endurance. XX

  8. fadhli says:

    amazing wonder-woman, keep your performance mam…we love u all

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