Meg Dyos

Team Member (3rd Leg)

AGE: 25

JOB IN THE ‘REAL’ WORLD: Well this is a tricky one, as I’m not sure that I have ever grasped what the ‘real world’ actually is, but most recently, I’ve worked as a Sales Negotiator (Estate Agent) at ‘Foxtons’ in their London Bridge Office.

Past adventures/sporting success: At 18 I ran the London Marathon and The Great North Run. Whilst at Uni I was the Expedition Leader for a Team that climbed Kilimanjaro, and also participated in a charity Machu Picchu trek in Peru. I have lived and travelled extensively in South/South East Asia, and love an adventure – however this is definitely the biggest sporting adventure that I will have ever undertaken!

Why am I doing the row? There are many reasons for doing the row. Firstly I’m absolutely honoured to be given this opportunity and I truly believe in the charities that we are raising funds for. Empowering women is another reason, and something that I feel passionately about. However I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I didn’t say I’m also doing the row because it massively excites me adventuring into the unknown! Discovering and challenging myself and my limits and being a part of a team that achieves something so ridiculously amazing and breaking records that haven’t been broken before – wow! My dad had a huge accident at the end of 2012 whilst training for a half marathon that we were due to run together and I suppose that’s why I initially applied for the row,  because life is too short not to adventure – and so many of us just take for granted our bodies and the way that they function without even thinking about it, and it’s not until this is taken away that the realisation hits – and that’s why Walking With The Wounded is such a fantastic charity too. 

What excites me most about the row? Star gazing, really pushing my body to the limit. Being free on the ocean, and away from the time demands of life. The water wildlife. Re-realising the enormity of the world that we live in. Sunrises and sunsets.

What am I going to miss the most? Walking and the ground probably more than anything else. Of course my hugely supportive friends and family, but especially my amazing mum, Big Sal who has been there in every step of any and every crazy idea that I’ve had!

What food will I miss the most? Houmous and crudites! Or probably my housemates’ roasted sweet potatoes (they’re insane!)

What am I looking forward to the most? It’s got to be seeing the girls arrive in Samoa and knowing that I will be leaving Samoa on the boat with them in the last leg to Australia.

My power song on the boat: Eye of the Tiger by Survivor – I know it’s a cliche, but it got me through Mile 9 of the Great North Run, and has continued to be my power song in any physical activity!