One Year Anniversary!

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Can you believe that it’s exactly 1 year TODAY that we set off from San Francisco!! It brings back such a mix of emotions, from the apprehension of the unknown and heading straight out into a storm, to the excitement and relief of simple living and less stresses of everyday life that we are now back in to. I found myself in a yoga class this morning, trying to think about being in the moment but really having to focus on fighting back the tears of the memories of emotions of a year ago, the relief at now being in the position to be able to be reflective and not having to look forward to the finish line anymore, the realisation that we actually achieved what we set out to do.

On one hand it feels like we’ve been back for ages, like the row is a distant memory. Still seeing people, like I had today for the first time since being back, and answering the question of ‘so how was it?’, seems to get more and more diluted as an answer to what it really was like. I already feel like I tell the same stories and reminisce about the same things that people can relate to, but there was 9 months of ups and downs, laughter and tears, love and frustration, but some how it all gets blurred into one smaller and smaller experience, which is crazy that the 9 months now gets summarized in less than 5 mins!


Just 3 months ago we arrived into Cairns and we are now back in the swing of normal day life on land, enjoying the showers, the clean bed linen, fresh home cooked food. Work for some of us is back in full flow and for me Rio is just a mere 4 months away. Plus the best bit of all is being back with our loving friends and family. The hardest part of this time last year was thinking what we were putting our families through and what they must have been thinking, so thankfully, a year on, we can be celebrating with them the success of the journey and being home sweet home.

Thank you to all of you that supported us throughout, it was your loving support that gave us strength and kept us working towards our common goal of bringing Doris and the team home safe and sound. xx



  1. Kirsten says:

    Such a huge achievement, don’t ever forget it!

  2. Barney says:

    Yes, I have the first anniversary date in my diary, and 14 May also. I had a trawl through the archives a few weeks back. Yes, thankfully we can be celebrating an achievement that was by no means certain this time last year. Back then I had you all labeled as off your rockers! Enjoy the memories, they are literally priceless!

  3. Simon TY says:

    Amazing how a year has gone. Staggering achievement. You have a.lifetime of “do you remember that time when…..” amongst the rowers. Hope for a reunion soon ? Tall friendly giant

  4. Jim Andrews says:

    A year that I shall remember for your fantastic achievement and my obsession with your every moment on the Pacific. It is fitting that our Doris is also home. Have you found a suitable home for her, where we loyal followers might pay homage? Best wishes to you all and as always, stay safe. XX

  5. JG says:

    Don’t forget the book! From inception to completion your adventure is unique and there is so much that people can learn from what you have all achieved,

    It will also serve as a reminder for each of you and a great memory prompt as you construct it.

    Diofficult to fit that in with all your commitments of course but the Sarah Moshgman film and the video records should help?

    Well done.


  6. Babs and Ray says:

    Wow, what a year, such an achievement from all 6 of you, and very proud parents, family a friends along the way. You may feel that reminiscing about it gets diluted, but there was nothing diluted in what you girls achieved, from the huge seas, exceptional heat, frustration and seasickness, you did it with a smile and such positive energy. You deserve the 3 world records, 2 of which can never be broken. Congratulations to you all, including Tony and Keith for playing a big role in your success.

  7. Ray says:

    I’m sitting here at home still reading blog comments 1 year on, this time last year we’d just seen the girls off and the next 9 months checking the map!! The last 3 months for Babs and I have seemed a bit strange really, Laura’s been home a couple of times and her bedroom is still half full of bags as is the garage, we still check their charity page but the map chasing is no more, miss it a bit really but don,t miss the stress!! So proud of the girls and what they’ve achieved also so proud of our new grand daughter born 3 weeks ago to our son and daughter in law. One day Laura!!!!!

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