Reminiscing about food

Lizanne Van Vuuren By

This week we reminisce about food on the boat.

The most commonly asked question on the boat was “what are you having to eat?” In fact it was the first sentence I learned to say in Spanish when Nat taught me.

Even now it is one of the most commonly asked questions; “What did you eat on the boat??” Needless to say, it was an important part of our journey.

We ate well. Lots of food with many calories. Our freeze dried food supply worked amazingly well on a journey like ours. The only thing we regret is not taking more Shepherds pie.

Writing this blog takes me back to a particular memory.
Towards the end of the middle leg the Shepherds pie became gold dust. We treasured every meal.
Needless to say it’s a meal that ran out before many of the others….

When the last shepherds pie was eaten, Nats and I wrote a song about it. Every time I hear the American Pie song I still sing it with our lyrics!

So I’ll leave you with this…
Bye bye Shepherds Pie
I’m gonna miss having you on the menu tonight
And as I look at my options I sigh
It’s gonna have to be beef curry and rice
Any other option would have been nice



  1. Barney says:

    Comfort food! Shepherd’s Pie, Steak & Kidney Pie, Cottage Pie. You can take the Brit out of the Country but you can’t take the country out of the Brit (or the South African it seems!). I imagine you may have developed a life-long aversion to beef curry if it was the default dish on Leg 2. I am sure we can blame beef curry for the frustrations of the Doldrums and for the fact you missed your best friend’s wedding? Just how close to running out of food were you on Leg 2? It seemed as if the beef curry would never run out.

  2. Jim Andrews says:

    I can’t believe they didn’t provide you with freeze dried Liver & Onions. Yum yum yum 🙂 X

  3. JG says:

    Or a spicy Fish Jalfrezi and some nice buffalo biltong with koeksisters for pud.

    I have no objection to repeat menus. For several years in the middle east I had beef and salad sandwiches for supper during the week with fish jalfrezi at weekends downtown.

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