San Francisco Day 10

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San Francisco Day 10
Woke up feeling quite overwhelmed. I knew it was going to be an emotional day.
Izzy and Ems went to the apartment where Sarah was going to be interviewing and Laura and I headed to Pier 39 to see Doris and do last minute jobs that needed doing.
Sarah Moshman is the amazing Emmy award winning documentary maker that is going to tell our story for us.
Doris ready to go

Doris ready to go!

I took the opportunity to Skype with my family (as all the other girls have their parents here in San Fran). It was a great 45 minutes and although incredibly emotional was amazing to be reminded of their constant support and encouragement. My mum, dad and brother are my anchors in my life and thoughts of them will keep me rowing stroke by stroke to Australia.

Andrew from our Best Year Yet program, who happens to be in San Francisco, came to say hello. Being a personal friend of mine, it was great to see him. Izz and Ems returned and we all had a tuna sandwich lunch (one of my favourite foods – who anyone who knows me will testify to!) and then LP (Laura) and I headed off for interviews with Sarah.


Interviews with Sarah

Not the best day to be doing this giving my vulnerable emotional state…but it had to be done never the less.

So many different emotions coming and going today that I couldn’t put my finger on any of them!

We all headed back to Destination Art and as the girls went out for dinner with their respective families, I enjoyed my last moments of ‘time alone’, feeling the warm fresh water on my face and body during my penultimate shower and washed my hair (possibly for the last time in 2 months or so!)I packed up my personal belongings to take to the boat and then realised that I had forgotten to eat dinner! As there was limited choice in the flat I had to grab an expedition food pack that I found lying around (spaghetti bolognese flavour). Not ideal – but literally a taste of things to come.

I fell asleep knowing that this will be my last night that I sleep in solid ground in a bed that is not moving and for more than 90 minutes!!

Let the journey begin… x



  1. Marion says:

    Good luck, I’m on your wall as I bought a mile, with metastatic breast cancer, will be with you all the way x

  2. Feel very emotional reading this Natalia, if I could have been in San Fran to give you a massive hug I would have! Now let those ocean waves and Mother Nature take care of you, I know she will! X

  3. You are the best prepared team that ever was! You can do this, and you will do this.
    It is both good for the men and women of the charities you have chosen, AND it is amazingly good for you.
    Think about the stories you will be able to tell those future children and grand-children!
    All’s well that ends well, so onwards and upwards.
    X David

  4. Barry Hayes says:

    Best of luck guys, the first week will be the most horrendous week, but after that it gets better, in fact it gets brilliant, you’ll have an amazing time!

  5. Simon TY says:

    Go, Go, Go. Good luck. God speed

  6. Anna Turney says:

    Super excited for you ladies. Good luck, manage your physical and mental space. You can do it! xx

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