San Francisco Day 6

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San Francisco Day 6

Today was a very admin kind of day. I was up early to leave the apartment at 7am to go with Tony to the immigration office so that we could confirm what we need to do when we leave San Francisco. Apparently this is nothing as we are going to Hawaii which is also in the US but it is good to have this confirmed.

After this I spent most of the rest of the day getting our communications plan for the boat finalised and setting up our 2 Iridium satellite phones and Iridium Go! device which will allow us to send emails back from Doris.

Whilst I was sat on a street corner with my sat phones testing them out (they have to be able to see the sky) Laura was out with Tony getting the final bits and pieces of shopping we need, Nats was doing a phone interview with a press association contact and Izzy was finishing off our team agreement.

The day was finished off with a tasty dinner and Super Duper Burger followed by ice cream and another instalment of the film we started watching last night. We are super excited to be reunited with Doris tomorrow (at a time still to be decided by the shipping agents) when we can start our final preparations and packing.

Super Duper


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  1. Linda says:

    Good luck to all of you. I have one of your leather bands that was put on by my niece Megan dyos that each time my workout gets tough I think of your challenge ahead and it makes me work harder. It will not come off until you girls finish and are back on dry land. Xxx

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