Social time with Sarah

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Today we spent the morning packing our snack packs.  With the help of the Coxless Crew parents who worked like troopers we packed 264 bags of goodies to sustain us on our way to Samoa.  Entertainment was provided by the arrival of a couple of the Transpac yachts finishing the race and arriving at the Yacht club to celebrate. When the Hawaiians host somebody they certainly do it in style providing freshly barbequed food, drinks and music for their crews.  Fortunately the sailors couldn’t eat it all and we were invited to enjoy the leftovers.

snack packs

In the afternoon we ran through some of the routines on the boat with Lizanne and ran through the process for deploying the para anchor.  We also packed up some of the hatches on Doris so she is slowly getting ready to head back to the open ocean.  Our freeze dried food delivery has been delayed until Monday by customs and the FDA so we will now be leaving early doors on Tuesday.

This evening we had a well earning date night with the amazing Sarah Moshman.  Food, a hilariously funny rom com film at the cinema rounded off by frozen yoghurt.  It was fab to spend some time with her not behind a camera and reinforces how perfect a fit she is into our little team helping us tell our story.

train wreck yoghurt land

Finally our evening was completed with a Skype with the lovely Kirsten who keeps us connected with the real world while we are out at sea.  Over and out for another day!



  1. Andy says:

    I am sure you have borrowed Doris from Doctor Who! She must be a tardis to get all that stuff on board.
    Enjoy the extra time on land, you deserve the break.
    Andy x

  2. Helen j says:

    Glad everything is coming together, but what it is it with customs. They held you up in San can and now in Hawaii. Chin up girls, it’s only 1 extra day.

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