Support in Santa Barbara

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Support in Santa Barbara

We continue to be overwhelmed by the support we are receiving. In addition to all of the kind emails, messages on our blog and social media, ever since we arrived in Santa Barbara there have been people willing to help us out in
whatever way they can.


We already feel very at home at the Santa Barbara marina, where we have a small crowd of friends and helpers. Kenny from The Chandlery Yacht Sales ( and his dog, Tilly, took Tony and Sarah out on his boat
as we were approaching Santa Barbara and has been a great source of information and help ever since. Larry kindly fashioned some new grab rails for us using his sail sewing machine and introduced us to, among other people, Joseph. Joseph, who makes beautiful furniture, took the time to make us some boxing to turn our fore cabin vents into an internal dorade vent to prevent water coming in. Jason, the electrician, came at short notice, did a great job and worked a long day to help us out. Michael kindly drove Ems and I out to Costco and waited patiently while we selected food for our replacement snack packs. Thank you all so much for your help.


It was also lovely to see some familiar faces from home yesterday. Anna Carboni and her husband Marius came by to meet Doris and very kindly treated us all to a big Mexican feast. I used to work for Anna and her current firm, Redd Solicitors, very kindly helped the crew with pro bono legal advice in the run up to the start line. It was great fun to catch up with friends from home and Anna and Marius also bought us some handy guides to birds and fish, so hopefully we will be able to identify what we are looking at going forward!

Anna and Marius with the team in Santa Barbara



This evening we took Doris out for a short spin in the bay to double check that the autopilot and water maker are running smoothly. We saw two whales just off the pier and a beautiful sunset. Another lovely day in Santa Barbara.DSC00044



  1. thank you for your interesting blog still following

  2. Antonia says:

    Well ladies, take the positive from this unexpected R & R and the great welcome you’ve had. We are all still out here thinking of you and enjoying your adventures vicariously! Hope you get a window soon. Xx

  3. Glad to hear you have a bird bird, couldn’t identify the birds you saw from the somewhat vague descriptions ! Hope all goes well when you get back out again.

  4. Jim Andrews says:

    Another positive reminder, that there are a lot of nice people in the world. Santa Barbara sounds like a nice place to visit. Hopefully this will be one of many happy memories on your adventure. X

  5. Following daily and in support

  6. Glad you have got books on wildlife in the Pacific. I was about to send you one via Amazon but a local source is better. Now that your sea trials are over and repairs and adjustments made to Doris and the experience you have had to build on I think you will be well prepared for the long haul to Hawaii and beyond. Your courage and determination is an inspiration to all. Good luck and wishing you good weather.

  7. Hi Ladies, sorry to hear of your problems you must let me know what has broken on the solar pads, so we can make sure we make adjustments etc so we do not have the same problems with the boys short row across the Atlantic.
    Seems you are enjoying the break before the big push off again as and when the weather allows.
    Santa Barbara is lovely as are the people and they are that laid back they nearly fall over!
    Hope you get going soon, although you seem to be enjoying the break!
    Good luck and Doris’s trailer is fine!!!
    Happy rowing

    Steve Middleton

  8. Wendy says:

    Continuing to engage and inspire people wherever you go! Hope you are off on your journeys again very soon!! X

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