Talofa Samoa!


The team arrived in Apia, Samoa at 8.40pm UK time on Sunday 1st November.  After 96 days at sea since departing Hawaii, Laura, Emma, Natalia and Lizanne have stepped ashore and are celebrating the end of a long and arduous but highly successful second leg of their Pacific row journey.  More blog updates will follow from Samoa over the next few days while the team resupply Doris and Meg joins them replacing the lovely Lizanne for the final leg to Cairns, Australia.  Thank you so much for your support on the way in to Samoa and throughout.



  1. Simon TY says:

    UNberLEevable. Unbloddy believable. Amazing achievement. Absolutely staggering. Hope that first beer has not caused complete collapse. Hope you can walk. I am struck dumb in awe after 96 days.

    A million million congrats. PS thought of you as Kylie was in the stand at the Rugby Final. Hey, why not in Samoa to greet you ?

    Again, well done you all, well done Doris, well done Lizanne for fitting in, bringing new energy and belief. Well done you brave, stupid, stubborn, moronic, courageous, outstanding idiots !!!

    Lots and lots of love, hugs and splashes

    Xxx S

  2. Richard says:

    Congratulations ladies an incredible achievement! Enjoy the next few days! XSW Team

  3. Andrea Herr says:

    I am in absolute awe of all of you INCREDIBLE, AMAZING women – especially my lovely cousin, Natalia!! I am lost for words – I am close to tears and feel so happy for you all. Have fantastic rest and relaxation days – ENJOY!! Sending you HUGE love and hugs Natalia!! xxxx

  4. Ray & Babs says:

    Arrived at last, well done to the whole crew on and off Doris amazing achievement and looking so good in the photos we’ve seen, so proud of you all. Just spoken to Laura, the girls are being well fed and looked after like royalty, well deserved.

  5. JG says:

    The Golden Moment. Congratulations.

  6. So glad you are on dry land and being looked after so well.
    A truly momentous occasion for you all…….special wishes from Cornwall Laura….

  7. Barney says:

    Well done, it was tough and the tough got going! Enjoy your respite and thanks for the shared thrills and torments. Good luck to lizanne for her future, welcome to Meg for the third leg and all the best to all the team for the ride to Cairns.

  8. Andy says:

    No more curry for a while then lol.
    Huge congratulations you are all truly amazing x

  9. So glad you have arrived safely – well done ! I can’t believe how well you look – but then, pink is your colour. Hope you get a chance to get some much deserved rest before you embark on the next leg. Are you having curry for dinner ?

  10. Wow! WELL DONE GIRLZ!!!

  11. Jim Andrews says:

    Your arrival in Samoa was so painfully distant just a couple of weeks ago. Your resolve has been tested to the limits. Yet here you are, I don’t have the words to describe my relief and pride at your achievement. Well done all, farewell Lizanne your contribution is immeasurable, you will miss and be missed. Welcome Meg, you will fit right in. Enjoy your last chunk of civilised hospitality before the final chapter in this enthralling adventure. When in a couple of months you will be entered into the record books and justifiably hailed heroes. XX

  12. Congratulations! Well done! Glad to hear that you are being treated to some well earned South Pacific hospitality. Enjoy! xx

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