The final day on land…


The final day on land…

We have just finished our last day on land before we reach Australia.  At 10am tomorrow (8pm tonight UK time)  we will head off on Doris for the final leg of our journey to Cairns.  As always the last day before departure was a busy one.  Laura had the morning off so Ems, Nats and Megs packed the final items on to Doris and finished off the final boat preparations while Tony went on the hunt for the last items on the shopping list.  He’s now visited pretty much every shop in Samoa and has the best collection of holiday snaps I’ve ever seen!  The amazing Nicola Mills had found us some foam for our seat cushions and came for a visit to entertain us while we worked.  The suncream monitor was not doing her job though and allowed her to get a little bit toasted in the midday sun. At lunch time we were lucky enough to have Zita Martel come down to see us on the boat.  Zita is the first female skipper of the traditional Samoan longboats and a hugely inspirational woman and we loved hearing about her success in breaking down the stereotypes in a male dominated sport.

With final preparations more or less done we had a lovely final dinner with some of the amazing people of Samoa who have made our time here so special.  A huge thank you to Nicola who can organise anything, Xavier for providing endless help and support  and introducing us to the Samoan Voyaging Society and Sylvia who has allowed us to stay in her beautiful guesthouse all together. We are all really sad to be saying goodbye to Samoa and its beautiful people.  We all feel like we’ve had a bit more of a rest than we did in Hawaii and are feeling as ready as we ever will to take on the final and possibly most challenging leg of our journey.

Us with Xavier

Us with Xavier



  1. Simon TY says:

    Seven minutes until you push off ( a rowing term, not I mean, disappearing !!) by the time you read this, Samoa will be shrinking in the background. Old aches will be saying hello, and new rubs and blisters just appearing. Two hours sleep will have felt like a doze…..if any of you slept during the day all. Presumably double checking everything works, letting all the stuff you have accumulated settle into hatches. A friend of mine sailed across the Antartic, and left Chile with a sheep carcass strapped to the mast, it was cold enough to be well preserved for days….would not work in your heat, and towing a bag of coconuts is not quite the same.

    Anyhow, hope you made good progress away from the jetty. Last waves, deep feeling in stomach, but also excitement. The difference between this leag and the others, is: this is it. At the end, that is the end ( unless you decide to row on down to Sydney). No thoughts therefore of just a stopover to look forward to, no this is the last push. No worries about reprovisioning and catching up, and checking gear….this is it.

    I worked in Cairns in 1981 in what claimed to be the world’s largest drive in bottle shop in the world. Presumably before any of you were born !! Now I am rambling.

    Go safely. Good luck xxx

  2. Jim Andrews says:

    Well Ladies, here you go again, once more into the breach! You amaze me, you arrive in Samoa exhausted, a week later you are ready to start again. What are you made of? Good luck Meg, I am sure you will make your own mark on Doris as did Lizanne and Izzy and I am sure that you will be a fully fledged Doris crew member, very soon. As for Laura, Emma and Natalia. How do you do it? You are truly amazing.
    This is the biggy the final leg, I am very excited for you. I hope this turns out to be the easiest leg for you and that you enjoy favourable conditions for the remainder of your adventure. I look forward to my daily fix of your reports and wish you the very best of luck. Stay safe you wonderful people. XX

  3. There will be so many people thinking of you tonight as you get back on the oars and pull away from Samoa……..Bon voyage girls …… And our very best wishes from Cornwall.

  4. Tor Hillier says:

    1.5 hours into last leg already by my clock here In London. Wishing you all strength and wellness for the final push. You’ve nearly done it! Will be thinking of you all the way. Love to you all and welcome Megs xxx

  5. JG says:

    As I write you are 3.5 hours into 3rd leg and licking along at 2.5 kph. More than 7nms behind you and that is 7 nms less to go. One shift change on the oars already behind you. I hope the sea sickness keeps at bay. Good luck Meg – you are surrounded by the great strength of the team on that little boat. With you all the way. Keep safe.

  6. Barney says:

    4 hours into last leg by my clock here in Hong Kong! Welcome to Meg, and I am looking forward to the next, who knows how many, days of blogs. Well done to Samoa, the country and the people seem to have been the perfect tonic! Wishing you a safe and fun leg to Cairns.

  7. Wow so soon onto the 3rd and final leg of the journey, I would so like to fly over to Cairns to see you ladies arrive there to see history in the making!!

    I hope that seas are calm, the sun is shining, and the winds are gentle and refreshing, plus a pod of dolphins help pull you like in ancient roman chariot races…

    Bring it ladies, bring it!

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