The power of music…

Prince’s death this week has had a huge impact on many people that we know.

His music has been playing on radio stations, TV programs, mobile phones, ipods and laptops countrywide. I had a personal hour-long Prince tribute over the weekend and we played a couple of his albums on the boat when we were out on the ocean. There are a few songs in particular (I wanna be your lover, 1999 and Kiss) that instantly transport me back to the 90’s, a time of no responsibilities, carefree fun with friends at school, my first boyfriend and days of dancing!


The power of music has always amazed me and its power during the row was invaluable. Amongst many other performance enhancing strategy techniques that we used, music was one of the most effective tools.

We used it to shift our mind quickly from one mindset to another. Waking up at 3am and knowing we had to get up and out on the oars to row yet again or unwinding after an adrenalin filled shift and calming the mind ready to sleep.

Music is a wonderful motivator – we all had our personal power songs that we used to help us through times of monotony, discomfort and frustration on the Pacific. Everyone loves a good power mix to workout to at the gym or on a run.

Music is an effective distracter – It was a great way to pass a 2-hour row shift

Music is one of the best memory joggers – I love how memories always come flooding back when you hear a song or the way you can remember lyrics to a song even if you haven’t heard it for 15 years!

Music inspires emotion – I think most people have been overcome with great happiness and joy, sadness or reflection when listening to certain music.

It moves you. It penetrates deep into your soul and stirs emotion.

Music makes you move – A great tune will make you tap your feet, nod your head, move your hips, shake your shoulders or generally move in whatever way you feel inspired to and dance until you can’t dance no more. Dancing to music makes my heart sing! It’s also one of the best socials we had on Doris – a random 15-minute dance session with no-one watching us except the Boobies and Oceania!


Although I was unofficially banned from singing on the boat – I loved a good sing-a-long, and any opportunity that came up – LP and I would get our groove on. Some of you may remember us mention our ‘row dance’ – well…here it is…

Laura and Nat doing a little ‘row dancing’ during our journey.
(We’re even in purple – just for Prince!)

Sometimes we forget the influence music has.

Make sure you have songs easily accessible that you know will quickly lift your spirits if you’re having a challenging moment or day, make you smile when you feel like crying, give you energy when you have none, relax you when you’re stressed and uptight, transport you back to a moment in time and make you remember that there are certain things in life that unite us all!! x





  1. Tara says:

    I don’t know how I missed that video. It’s fabulous.
    Your words ring so true and from now on I am going to think of the extraordinary accomplishment you ladies had wherever I hear that song.
    Your blogs are also an inspiration.
    Thank you.

  2. Barney says:

    I missed it too! The synchronisation is awesome, how did they do it?

  3. JG says:

    UB 40 Does it for me.

    I love the Reggae beat and I used to jog through the desert in the evenings in Oman to their steady rhythm on my Sony Walkman. (“Eh? What’s that?” I hear you ask.)

    I am convinced they made me run further than I would without them.

    Reggae always brings back memories of clear skies at night with the stars like diamonds on a jeweller’s velvet and a drive chasing the mirage along the road to Muscat

    When I die I have requested that Red Red Wine is played at the funeral with dancing in the aisles and no-one wearing black. (Exept my neighbour in her little black number which is stunning)

    JG X

  4. Judith Mills says:

    Hadn’t seen the video before but terrific synchronised dancing!
    Certainly agree with you Natalia about music. It has the power to transport me through the decades enabling me to revisit certain places and feelings as if they were yesterday. Mostly making me smile I’m glad to say.
    Have been thinking of you all a little more often over the last week with the anniversary of you setting off on your epic row. Hope you all continue to keep strong and stay safe back on dry land. xxx

  5. Waaaaay look at you two getting your freak-on 🙂

    That’s so cool, and great choreography, Disney couldn’t do it better!

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