Training and brainstorming

Emma, Laura and I met up for a training and brainstorming session this weekend.
We headed down to The Train Station gym in Wandsworth, which is an amazing place!
Our ‘Train Wreck’ class was was run by the wonderful Jim Stubbs and boy did he work us. To give you a little insight into how we felt at the end of the 45 minute session, this is how the class is described on their website: Train Wreck

“We said all our classes were suitable for everyone. This one isn’t… This is our homage to the hardcore exerciser. You will need to be comfortable using all the different kit and happy to leave dignity at the door. This is a session that will push you to your limits in all aspects of the fitness spectrum. No fixed agenda – the structure will change all the time so be prepared for anything.”

I can safely say that I was struggling to breathe at the end of this!! To get a snapshot of what was involved, here is a quick ‘lighthearted’ video from the session. As you can see we were looking super sexy at the end of it!! Training Session…

We stayed in the gym after the session to go through our personal strength and conditioning programs and refine form and technique. The main areas that that we need to strengthen to start is our core/trunk area. Repetitions of static positions is necessary initially to begin building this strength.

Emma core

After a quick lunch, we began our brainstorming session.
Obviously there is a huge amount to coordinate for an expedition of this magnitude.
Main areas discussed included Media/PR, Sponsorship, our Schools Project (soon to be launched) and values.

Physically and mentally it was a really productive day…but still a long way to go.
Keep following to become part of our journey as we’d love you all to travel with us…
Natalia x

For those intrigued to check out The Train Station gym, have a look at what they offer here: TTS


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