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Emma Mitchell By

It has all been a bit of a whirlwind since touching down in the UK and there still hasn’t really been time to let it all sink in. It has been amazing to finally be at home with my family and have the chance to switch off and relax a bit. After such a long time isolated out on the ocean I have a stinking cold and my attempts to head out into the green countryside have been slightly hampered by weak legs and painful shin splints from walking on solid ground again. However the magic of being home is already working to help me feel better and we have given ourselves a couple of weeks to rest and recover properly at home before regrouping to crack on with our fundraising efforts. Who  knows I may even venture back out in a boat at Marlow Rowing Club at some point soon.  I am also job hunting and open to any exciting opportunities so if anyone has any good ideas then let me know! Personally I am hoping to visit schools around the country to talk to them about the row and what I have learnt from it and to encourage them to get involved in our charity fundraising as well as challenges of their own. Anyone who wants to get involved please get in touch at emma@coxlesscrew.com.




  1. Jim Andrews says:

    Poor you, only back a week and you have succumbed to the good old British, common cold! I hope your shins get better soon, very painful. If that beautiful scenery is where you live, I can fully understand why you are keen to get out and enjoy it. Get well soon. X

  2. Simon TY says:

    How are you all getting on ? Sorry to hear about yr cold. Exposure to new germs you have not had contact with for nine months.

    How are you all sleeping ? How is solid food reacting with you ? And alcohol ? And dreams ? How long is Keith retained as you must now feel pretty flat ? For nine months every minute was allocated. Now, what to do ? Drift around, walk, sit and read, watch a movie ? I can imagine yr attention span being very very short ?

    Emma, I hope Marlow has welcomed you back with all the fame and glory you deserve. I rowed there in the 1970s against Steve Redgrave. Marlow is about as close to an epicentre of rowing as there can be, because of Steve, and now because of you !!!

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