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This is a follow on blog from what Nat wrote yesterday.

From a young age many of us are taught to have high expectations. The media portrays what the perfect body, job, lifestyle or family should be. For most people it’s something to strive for, but how are we supposed to have it all? Surely somewhere along the line we are setting ourselves up for disappointment?

This consumed a large part of discussion Nats and I had on the ores. Hoouuurs spent discussing if expectations are good or bad in the early morning light as I tried to stay awake! Conversations with Nat always challenged me; making me decipher my ideologies into understanding why I believe what I believe.

(Time is an amazing tool offered to everyone. Take the time to think, you might get to know yourself a little better)

Personally, I’ve always had high expectations. I believe that in the same way that your thoughts depict reality, your expectations lay the foundation of your experience. If you expect something you believe it will happen, and by believing you can create the world you imagine. The “shoot for the moon, and even if you miss you will land amongst the stars” sort of thing.

It was refreshing walking into the row where some of us had never rowed before. Refreshing in the sense that I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve always thought this to be a positive, similar to Nat. Would we have done it if we really knew what we were in for?

For me the ocean was an unknown. Sitting on a beach the ocean often shows you glimpses of its power and the waves acting as a barrier to entry. Many people will never have the opportunity to witness the beauty or a 360 degree ocean view, or the blackness of an ocean night. I really had no idea.

I did however expect us all to get along, and I did expect the journey to be a success, and I did expect that my life would be different after the row. The foundation was there, and the particulars were colored in along the way.

I guess it should be said that expectations do need to be managed. Reading Nats blog from yesterday you might imagine how we debated this subject… Good or bad? I agree that expectations feed frustration, but my conclusion is that your expectations should be for yourself and the things you can control. The things you cannot control will either disappoint or amaze you, so be prepared for that too



UPDATE: If you read my blog last week you will know that the journal that I kept on the boat has been stolen.
It is almost unbelievable, but… Wait for it… WE KNOW WHERE IT IS! The boy Dan managed to track it down to a car impound complex in Cape Town. Amazing right??!! I need to collect it with proof of identification, so have booked off some time this coming week to retrieve it.

I also had wonderful catch up Skypes with Nats and Laura this week. Gosh it’s great to have them back on land x




  1. Jim Andrews says:

    As always, a fascinating insight. So glad you are getting your journal back. Hopefully you and the girls can be reunited soon for a long awaited group hug? XX

  2. Ray says:

    So glad you will be getting your journal back, you didn’t have that sort of concern in the middle of the Pacific!!
    It’s such a shame that you are so far away, Babs and I just feel that you’re missing out on things that you deserve so much to be in. I know move back! I’m sure Mum and Dad will agree with the idea.

    Stay safe, love Ray and Babs xx

  3. JG says:

    Today was a grey day here in the East Midlands but tonight the sun came beaming out from a picture in a blogpost on my screen. Great to hear from you Lizanne and really pleased to read the good news about your journal.

    With regard to the row I was seriously impressed by the way you seamlessly integrated into the team from Honolulu and played such a significant part in holding up your corner of the team
    Looking forward to more from you and perhaps even an excerpt or two from the errant journal?

    Best wishes JG

  4. Wonderful post, it’s interesting how one mindset can cross an ocean and when home we can go into another mindset.

    I’m really hoping your journal turns up, do let us all know!

  5. Great to hear that your journal has been found – hope you are soon reunited with what must be a very special memory jogger! Really interesting hearing the “expectations” debate between you and Nats. I’m definitely on your wavelength I think in that I think expectations can be very positive as long as subsequent disappointments are also managed appropriately. However, I loved hearing the different viewpoint and it made me think about it much more. I would have loved some of those long dark nights debates with you amazing girls! Loving these post-trip blogs – thank you for taking the time to share.

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