Day 53 – All the girls together – Hip hip hooray!

Day 53 – All the girls together -Hip hip hooray!

So, I’m Meg, houmous connoisseur and lover of all things sunshiny! I’ve never rowed, never been in the deep ocean, never had proper biceps, and am terrified of sharks – and here I am, beyond excited to get on the boat with the girls for the last leg of our 8446 mile journey from San Francisco to Cairns!

I’m on land, in a relationship with the gym, and in a love triangle with the leg press and the chest press somewhere under the arches of Bethnal Green station. Amongst a combination of grunting sounds and huge bulging muscles, as well as some interesting outfit choices that don’t leave much to the imagination is where you’ll find me – totally beginning to admire other peoples muscles, and the work that goes into creating these magical beauties. I’m currently in a conundrum of what to name my growing biceps, (suggestions welcomed) and the habit of asking anyone I meet if they wish to have a feel of my gluteus maximus has become a daily norm. Further to this, asking for seconds at a dinner party, with the only excuse of ‘my trainer told me too’ (that’s the fabulous Alex Wolf) who is helping us to look like Michelin wo(men), is a necessity in our pound gaining plans.

What I’d do without Lizanne, my weekly Skype partner! From rational to the irrational, we chat about anything that comes to mind – From the ‘what if a jellyfish lands on my head’, to the newest topic of hair management, and the potential embracing of dreadlocks (my dream)! Thanks to Keith for helping us in our mental preparation, we have laughed endlessly at each other whilst we munch on another cream cake.

Running things on land amongst a small team of us, and whilst the girls continue to row onwards, has really made me realise just how important teamwork is. I spent last weekend on The Isle of Wight with Raymarine who have provided us with our navigation equipment and met so many amazing people who were so supportive. On top of that, the inundated amount of emails/tweets/comments via all of our social media outlets is overwhelming, and we can’t thank you all enough. Every little mention gets us ever nearer to raising the 250k for these amazing charities! Please continue to share our story as we get further into our journey – we still have a long way to go in crossing the Pacific and reaching Cairns.

So anyway – here we are on land – Myself and Lizanne, (and our growing bellies and muscles) quite literally rolling with the waves that bring the girls – The Coxless Crew – onwards and closer to Hawaii as we wait for them, support them, and send them positive vibes as we prepare for our time on Doris.

‘All the girls together – Hip Hip Hooray’!





  1. JG says:

    Nice Blogpost Meg – looking forward to reading more of you over the coming months. One thought has struck me. The BBC One Show did a piece on the Coxless Crew before you started (which is where I first learnt about you). Is there anything like that in the pipeline for the Crew when they arrive at Honolulu? Maybe one of their field reporters could do an interview live for the One Show. I am sure the BBC have someone in Hawaii ? Anyway good luck with your preparations – you will be in very experienced company when you finally get on that boat. All the best.

    • Isabel Burnham Isabel Burnham says:

      Hi JG, yes there is something in the pipeline for the One show for when we’re in Hawaii along with some other coverage, so watch this space!! Fingers crossed for lots more media support to spread the word! 🙂 x

  2. Rose Barnes says:

    Great post Meg…love you xxx

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