Another day in paradise


Wow, Samoa – you and your people just continue to make us smile!

So today the team was spread out doing different tasks. Today is Lizanne and Ems’s day off, so they headed off along with all of the film crew to a tiny little island off of the south east of Samoa called Namua for a beach day.

On the other side of the island back in Apia, Megs and Nat went down to Doris to pack in and count all of the Freeze dried food, a hot and sweaty session; whilst Laura and Tony went to immigration to sort out everyone’s passports. Nat then headed back home to carry on going through the footage of the 2nd leg, and Megs and Laura met up with Xavier to try and find some protein powder (very annoyingly it looks as if this has been lost on its way to us!). This search took us to the Samoan Rugby Unions High Performance Unit and Training ground! It was absolutely brilliant to see where the team trains and have a look around the gym that they train in! Also interesting for Laura seeing the comparisons to the facilities that we have in the UK!

Meg and Laura headed onwards back to Doris so that Meg could learn about some of the safety procedures and begin to find her way around, before then meeting back up with Nat for some paddling! Thanks so much to Jay and Tupa of Nafanua Paddling club for inviting us to join them out on the water in their 6 man outrigger canoes! They go so fast, if we were travelling to Australia on one of those we’d be there in no time! Good to get the body moving, but we can assure you we won’t be doing this the day before we leave for the next leg of our journey!



Having a go at paddling


With team from outrigger club



  1. JG says:

    Busy busy busy – so much to do but glad to see you taking days off. Very important. Have you considered including fishing as part of the sustenance plan for the 3rd leg? Plenty of protein in fresh fish. Keep having fun. You will remember Samoa for the rest of your lives. Its completely soggy here with average temperatures around 14 degrees. Where are those lovely frosty sunny mornings? JG

  2. In answer to Jim’s question about Doris after the row, unfortunately at present she may have to stay and be sold in Australia. Transport costs for Doris were sorted out but unfortunately a few days before she was due to be shipped out to San Francisco the sponsor pulled out, along with that and the repairs in Santa Barbara the girls do not have the funds to get her back home. We have spoken to Laura this week and they are thinking of ways to overcome this problem as they want her back in the UK to help raise more funds for the charities. So if anyone has any ideas or knows anyone or any company that can help please contact the girls at: The girls mums have a Coxlesscrew Mums group so Adri Lizanne’s mother is continuously updating the Mums on how the girls are and they are buzzing!!! us Dads aren’t allowed in, what’s new!! We had a great Skype call with Laura on wednesday after trying previously with no luck it was lovely to see her as we haven’t done so since waving her off in Hawaii. As Meg’s mum Sally said modern technology is a great thing. Just to say that as Laura’s parents and I know I can speak on behalf of the other Mums and Dads thank you all for reading and supporting the girls via these blog comments it is truly amazing and so motivating for us and especially the girls. We’re missing the normal routine of first thing in the morning and last thing at night seeing how fast Doris is moving and in what direction!!!! Can’t wait for Cairns.

  3. Jim Andrews says:

    Looking great ladies, very good idea by JG, regarding the fishing, though I don’t know if you have the facilities to prepare and cook it? Enjoy everything that Samoa has to enjoy. XX

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