Day 10 – Right arm rowing

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Day 10 – Right arm rowing

A prolonged patch of NW and W winds has meant that we have been rowing fairly similar conditions for the last week or so. We are battling to continue to move West as much as we can but progress is very slow. Watching our boat speed and course over ground on the on deck repeater has become addictive. Even an increase in speed of 0.1 or 0.2 knots seems significant. My right arm is starting to show definite signs of overuse with the joints in my hand and elbow aching and stiff. Fingers crossed for some more favourable winds soon so that the left arm can get back into action more.

A big plus of the current conditions is that we haven’t had such strong winds and high swells as on some previous occasions so the night rowing has been by and large peaceful and there has been much less splashing. Dry rowers = happy rowers. We also have plenty of sunshine during the days, so have been taking advantage of it and washing and drying some of our clothes. Doris looks a little like a floating laundry with items of clothes handing off every possible fixing.

We are continually coming up with new topics of conversation to keep us awake on the oars. Last night I treated Ems to the full story of Les Miserables (which she had never heard), including some of the songs from the musical, which took up a full 2 hour shift! There is something wonderful about being able to sing out at the ocean at the top of your lungs and knowing that no one will hear you (apart from poor Ems, Nat and Laura of course!). Today brought chat of favourite films and quotes from movies. I’m continuing to love listening to music on the oars. 4.15-6.15pm for me and Ems is usually a peaceful music shift with the sun glinting gold on the water as it just starts to sink in the sky. That shift is up next after this break. I’m going to read a couple of chapters of my book now, eats some Nutella on some oat cakes and then jump on the oars at 4.15. Looking forward to getting back out there.



  1. Antonia says:

    It’s not all bad if you’ve got Nutella…..

  2. Jim Andrews says:

    Love Les Miserables, absolute favourite. Word association is a fun way of passing a couple of hours, I have a particular fave way of playing it, by lowering the tone and other participant/s have to regain the sensible and more accepable

  3. Jim Andrews says:

    Don’t know what happened there! Just tried to correct the spelling of the word acceptable and my message went… so anyway, hopefully conditions will improve very soon. I would happily swap places with you tonight, as I have to attend a 40th birthday party, where there will be, copius amounts of that endangered species “Prosecco” which means that Sunday might be a write off. 🙂
    Good luck ladies, our thoughts are with you. X

  4. Just met James from All beans No Monkeys with the boat you used on The One Show. He was at the BMW PGA Golf at Wentworth London raising funds for his row across the Atlantic this Winter……he asked to be remembered to you all. Said he knew Laura well and has been inspired by your sheer determination ……as we all are!

  5. Johnnie says:

    Went out from Chichester Harbour yesterday for a spot of fishing with my sister. Grey start but got sunnier and we caught one mackerel and three bass. We ate them all for supper and felt very hunter gatherer…….
    Keep going, the miles will get bigger and the wind and tide will ease. Your spirit and pluck is amazing.

  6. David Murray says:

    Closest you’ve ever been to Hawaii now. Fantastic stuff, keep it up!

  7. karl says:

    Big distance day! Your most west progress and now you are under 2k miles. Hopefully that means conditions are/have improved somewhat.

    Keep inspiring me and way to hang in there,

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