Day 11 – Uncle Tone doesn’t do precipitation

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Day 11 – ‘Uncle Tone doesn’t do precipitation’

So when we first started working with Tony (who we’ve now become accustomed to call Uncle Tone, our number one onshore support) we discussed through his weather reporting plan, we asked about knowing when it would rain, Tony’s response was ‘I don’t do precipitation’ apparently wind is the only necessary information we need to know. Well today Uncle Tone, it precipitated… A lot! I’m sure when we ever get the days of reaching sunny climates and have a tropical rain storm, we’ll appreciate the fresh water, however today, combined with the regular crashing over of waves, it added to being soaked right through! Unfortunately Doris doesn’t come with a tumble dryer or heater to dry our layers, so it was once again back to the glorious wet/dry routine, which is always a pleasure to get back into after a 2hr rest in the dry. However on a good note, we think we have finally freed from the Southerly current and can once again attempt to push West. North Westerly winds are 15-18 currently so are limiting us getting out too sharply but it certainly feels a lot better moving in the right direction. Not going to lie, I think we’re all looking forward to finding some of those Easterly winds and sunshine that everyone talks about, rowing this last week has been heavy going and we’re all starting to feel the effects. Ongoing thank you to everyone who is sending us lovely messages and keeping us updated.

Personal messages:
Paula Dunn – so great to hear from you although sorry to hear of some of the injuries, please pass on my thoughts to those mentioned and give Gemma a hug from me.
Dan Howie – your messages are cracking us up! We love them and I want a full update of the stag do antics, hope it’s everything you wished for ;).
Bernard Cohen – HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Saturday! Your daughter is keeping us all amused on the boat.




  1. Bernard says:

    Thank you for my birthday greetings.
    I know what it feels like to cycle in the rain, I can only imagine what it feels like to be rowing in a downpour being in wet clothing. I wish you some warm weather and good winds, this is our daily wish for you all.
    Natalia thank you for my lovely card.

  2. bernard says:

    I am not sure what has happened, but I will repeat my previous comment to you. Many thanks for the birthday wishes, it is much appreciated.
    I am so sorry you are having such a tough time in the wet weather – I know how hard it is to cycle in the rain, but cannot imagine how awful it must be to be sitting and rowing in the rain and wet clothing.
    Our daily wish for all of you is to have good weather, good strong winds to push you on.
    Natalia – thank you so much for your lovely card.

  3. Emily says:

    nuttyella and girls .. Hoping you hit the warmer climates soon
    Thinking if you all .. Miss you nat .. Although you are missing nothing in london !! I am just in my way back there although I did just get stuck in between the Southhampton football team at the airport Oohhhh some hotties .. That cheared me up :-)))))
    Big hug .. Lots love .. I know you can do it xxx

  4. Great to see the fighting spirit, but always moving forward or westward šŸ™‚

    I see you’re now moving closer to the main shipping lanes I guess this is where being Pink will help them spot you and get out of your way šŸ™‚

  5. Simon TY says:

    Unless I am holding the map upside down, today is a new record westerly position ? Horay, blow wind from the east. And precipitate less please

  6. Hi Laura, loving your blogs. The Sweeneys/Sharps are tracking Doris everyday, and so glad you are now on the way. Hopefully warm weather awaits you so you can dry some of your clothes. Xxx

  7. Babs says:

    I recall you Laura telling me that it is not bad weather just bad clothing, when we were walking in the rain, so …….
    No seriously admiring you girls for keeping your spirits up and hoping the winds will be more favourable very soon. X

  8. Catherine says:

    I’m sorry the precipitation is being a pain. Can’t you train some big Albatross style birds to fly directly above you to create a bird umbrella? I will cross my fingers for some precipitation free days but in the meantime you might want to sharpen your bird training skills.

  9. Johnnie says:

    Great progress. It is addictive seeing how you are getting on! Best day yet in both distance and direction for some time. Meanwhile England beat New Zealand in the cricket – which seemed almost impossible at one stage. Keep going – you are all amazing

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