Day 12 – take 2


Day 12 – take 2

Today it has been hard going to have fun on Doris. It is still 18knot North Westerly winds which is making it hard work to hold a good course over ground and we are still getting very cold and wet every rowing shift. We are also still mainly rowing with only our right hand oar which is becoming very tiring. We are beginning to think we will arrive in Hawaii very lopsided!

However, excitingly we are now at 123 degrees West which is officially further West than we have been since leaving San Francisco! I also got to ring and speak to my Mum on our satellite phone. It was amazing to speak to home and have her sound like she was just next door. A few nights ago Laura and I were on the favourite 2am night shift and we’re talking about the people who inspire us and my Mum is definitely that person for me. Always inspiring me to go after what I want and follow my dreams no matter how crazy they might be!

Nat and I have just had a tasty meal of chicken and veg noodles and defrosted our feet and now we need to get ready to head back out into the cold and wet and head West.
Update! We saw a turtle. He was next to the boat and was about 70cm long. He initially looked a bit like a piece of debris but then he poked his head up to say hello. We called him Edward!

Leaving you with Izzy’s quote for today… “Being cold wet and tired on your own is miserable. Being cold, wet and tired with friends is an adventure.”




  1. JG says:

    Hang in there Crew! On the chart you are making steady progress and it is impressive. Wind and rain is demoralising but you clearly have a pool of wisdom and strength that will get you through this bit to where things will start to go your way more easily.

  2. pat mitchell says:


  3. Catherine says:

    How come you named him Edward?

  4. Antonia says:

    Turtles awesome 🙂

  5. Antonia says:

    Turtle soup anyone?

  6. Stef says:

    What a great quote by Izzy!!!

  7. Jim Andrews says:

    Good positive attitude there Emma. I really feel for you in those conditions, really hope the weather improves for you soon. XX

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